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    I think every state is different on how they do their driving tests. When Ben went to take his, they sent all the paperwork off to check if he was eligible but they told him he couldn't get a license until after we were married and possibly not until he receives his temporary green card. Go figure. We're not too fussed about it but the best thing to do is just go to the DMV with all the evidence and try to do the test. Some states may let you.
    In other news, yay! We've been married for a week and a half now!
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    She is mine now?
    I control you?
    Who wears the pants and dresses?
    Purpose of your post? You have a fiancee not property.
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    Ashton & Ben reacted to xxxwabbiexxx in Pregnancy during the process is ridiculous   
    Am I the only person who believes that getting pregnant during either the fiance visa process or spouse visa process is ridiculous??
    So many people write 'we accidently got pregnant' no you didn't, you were having unprotected sex and you got the obvious result of that - I fully understand that accidents can happen occasionally, but I would bet that, that didn't happen for the majority of people - it's the 21st century, so for the majority of people there really is no excuse. If you truly want a child very early on in the relationship then that really is your decision but my advise from the bottom of my heart would be to wait till the process is over - for the sake of the innocent child.
    What happened to spending time together - why introduce a poor child in the mix of an already complicated situation?? My husband and I don't want to even consider children for at least 5 years because we absolutely love being with each other, we love being selfish and spending money on expensive shoes or bags, we love eating at adult restaurant, we love just being able to take off somewhere at the drop of a hat and we love waking up gone 12 in the afternoon on weekends - surely this is what new couples need? to spend each and every possible second devoted to each other and enjoying each other, and then when they're ready to share their love, decide to have a child.
    How many time have I read stories of people wanting to expedite their case because of pregnancy; so many times people have written that they've been married 6 months and have a one year old child and things have gone wrong, I wonder why - you knew each other for a few weeks fell deeply in love, got pregnant, married then actually lived together and things have gone wrong because you didn't know each other - all I can say is poor child.
    This is just my opinion and I'm sure I'll get met with lots of abuse, but like you I'm entitled to my opinion and I think more marriages, in and out side of the visa process would last a hell of a lot longer if people waited till they were ready as a couple to have a child.
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    Ashton & Ben reacted to Little_My in She had a tourist visa and I married her. Help me keep her here...   
    first of all, the OP has not yet confirmed whether or not she originally entered with intent to marry and stay. As much as those who had to wait out the K1 process often think it's unfair to be able to AOS from a tourist visa within the US and avoid being apart from your loved one, there are occasions when a foreigner enters the country under a non-immigrant status - be it tourist, student, work, or VWP - without an intent to immigrate, but ends up marrying a USC and adjusting status. That is perfectly legal.
    If the OP did in fact mean that he invited her to MOVE here permanently, and she used a tourist visa to come here, then yes - she should not try to AOS from that status. I don't think it's necessary to go on a rant quite yet about illegalities and visa fraud, when to me it seems pretty clear the OP is not aware of the regulations and requirements and is here to ask for advice to be able to choose the right way to continue.
    jonDutch - if your wife entered the US using a tourist visa, with the intent to move here, marry you and stay here with you permamently, then she cannot adjust her status with the I-485. Using a non-immigrant visa to enter the US with the preconceived intent to immigrate here is not allowed.
    What you can do is have her return to Brazil BEFORE her I-94 expires, and take the CR-1 route and apply for a spousal visa. It will take a while (9 months, give or take), but it will be cheaper, safer, and she won't have any periods of not being able to work once she gets to the US.
    Read the guides here on VJ, take a look at the forms and instructions, and talk with your wife. Though AOS might seem like a tempting choise, if you planned for her to stay here permanently before she came, I personally don't think it is a risk worth taking.
    Boa sorte para você e para a sua esposa!
    Addition: Personally I see no reason to scare them with these "you have to get a lawyer" statements. If she did not have intent to stay, it's a perfectly straight forward AOS. If she did, she can return to Brazil before her I-94 expires and go for the CR-1.
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