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    We met via Online (gotta love myspace) Left him a silly comment and we haven't been apart since!!! We both are hopeless romantics, I have a son from a previous marriage, he and Nick are great friends.. I am a very lucky girl, now if we survive this whole visa process, we hope to be getting married in October!!! :):) (yes I know we are nuts to plan a wedding before we have the paperwork but I am hopeful) PS my new last name will be Green the reason for the going Green comments!! I can't wait!!!

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  1. WE RECIEVED PACKET THREE on the VERY day they recieved it from us... Thanks for the advice Dan and Drury we are ahead of the game!! Lexi loves Nick forever xoxo Very happy day!!

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    2. Dan and Drury

      Dan and Drury

      P.s. I would now email them and ask them if they have received your packet three and ask when your interview is. I did this with the Vancouver Embassy and they sent me an email back with an appointment date. You never know and you don't get if you don't ask!

    3. chevalnoir


      OK, you guys are pretty slick! I'm thinking that some new tips might need to be added to the guide area.

      OK, deep breath! Almost there for real! :D

    4. Going Green

      Going Green

      Thanks and we will!!! SO excited!!!!