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    I enjoy traveling, culture, writting, swimming, english liturature, religion, sociology, and health, being silly w/o a care in the world, laughing, art, playing babyshower, fair, and theme park games, and my Jamaican sunshine

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    I met Nattoy while vacationing in Jamaica Oct. 11,2008. We spent a few hours together, and exchanged numbers. I The first time I laid eyes on Nattoy I got that feeling of butterflies. He was so handsome to me and I loved his persona. We exchanged numbers, I went back to America and talked to Nattoy on the phone. I enjoyed everytime we talked, but a lot of the time i didn't answer my phone because i didn't see us being possible, but then I realized how I got lost in him when we were on the phone, and that he stuck around while some people in my life didn't. I got a really good job and could afford to put minutes on his international phone plan and that allowed us to talk for hours at just 20 USDs. He says I was a hard nut to crack because I made him work hard for me, but he did and that's one reason why i love him. I finally decided to go see him Dec. 13-20 2009. We weren't offically together but we were becuase he didn't want me around any other guy and we were talking on the phone everyday. Even saying I love you. When I went to go see him we stayed at Blue Haven Villa. He told me he had a suprise for me and we went to the kitchen. He bought me a cake and had I love you Lisa put into it. SO SWEET! We cooked together, I met his wonderful family, watched movies, went for walks, Dunns River, and just enjoyed each others company, we even tryed to match the color of our clothes when going out and played little competitive games. He's also not affraid to be silly and has an innocence about him. I love everything this man does. He asked me to marry him Dec. 14 2009 and i sayed yes! We even pray together! He is such a good person I could go on and on. It's almost hard to believe that this is happening. I always said I was never going to marry. I didn't know love could be like this. I sent my K1 off July 2nd 2010. In early September I plan to go live with him for a month or so. I hope they don't deny us because I won't be working at the time, but I will have my mom co sign, and 2 other people writting letters saying that I will have a job when I return home. I also have either had a job or went to school all of my adult life. After he gets here I will work part time and finish my AA degree while we wait for his GC. Then start our wonderful life together. He is my other half and I wouldn't trade him for Brad Pitt. PS..This website rocks!!! It's now been awhile since I wrote my story and am going to add. I'm back from living in Jamaica with Natoy. We know each other so well now! We are even more sure that we are doing the right thing. I has since got an approved NOA2, and am waiting for packet 4. I can't wait for him to be here. He is still my happiness :) We can now talk on skype which is a big help to be able to see him. It feels good to know I have someone who loves me for me.:) I hope and pray we get an interview date soon and he gets approved. Jan.13 2011. Now to update Nattoy is here with me we are married! Now waiting for him to beable to work and we get our own place. Update so far has been great! We have our own place now and jobs. He has his 2yr. green card. It's Sept. 2012.

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  1. good luck to you also!! :)

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