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    Jack and I met in my hometown, New Orleans, Louisiana. Being a jazz enthusiast, he was staying in Nola for a couple of months. My friend worked at the hostel he was staying in and we started hanging out.

    At the end of August of 2005, Jack evacuated New Orleans with my family due to Hurricane Katrina. I'm blessed to have a positive story coming out of the horrible devastation of Katrina, a beautiful love story.

    Since then, Jack and I have lived together in each others' countries using tourist visas. We have lived in New Orleans; Austin, TX; Baton Rouge, LA; and Melbourne, Australia. After five years, we decided it was time to make it official and answer all our friends' questions of, "when are y'all getting married, already?!?"

    We cannot wait to be together and begin our permanent life in New Orleans.

    Laissez les bon temps rouler!!!

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  1. AOS RFE :( Hopefully easily fixed...

    1. VanessaTony


      The most common ones are medical and tax. So, do you have a copy of your K1 medical just in case it's that? If not consider calling the panel physician in your home state to see if they'll email you or send you a copy (I had mine sent to my family in Aus and they mailed it to me just in case I got this RFE). The tax is sometimes if you have a cosponsor you forget to send their proof of status, or you'll send the tax returns and forget part of it (that's why transcripts are bet...

    2. VanessaTony


      **continued - (that's why transcripts are best). So if you (or your co-sponsor if you had one) sent tax returns, contact the IRS and ask for transcripts to be sent (they're free and take around 10 days to get so that's why start doing it now).

    3. AustoUsa


      It was tax related. Sent the transcripts and finally got an interview date!

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