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  1. Interview on Tuesday....O.M.G.!!!!

    1. chevalnoir


      Wow! You're just a few more days away from being together....:D

    2. Going Green

      Going Green

      Congrats you will do great!!!! I am so happy for you two!!! If you guys are ever up in Wisconsin you should stop by and we will grab some dinner!!!

    3. Dan and Drury

      Dan and Drury

      Thanks Girls! My police cert. from the UK is out of date, so my visa will be approved pending that. My mum is on the case, though, so should have that next week. I'm told it's just a case of popping into the consulate once getting it and then waiting the two days for issue of Fiance visa.

      My US fiance is from Detroit and we did get up near Wisconsin a few years ago, so you never know, we might drop by at some point. Same goes for you if you make it to Seattle at any...