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  1. Why are people around me getting approved and I haven't even been touched?!

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    2. Kikay K

      Kikay K

      Same here. I haven't been touched since May 6. I've found out that this has happened to many people who just got their NOA2 recently -- no email, SMS, or case updates online. They just got the hardcopy in the mail! Given our timeline, this is likely to happen to us by next week :-)

    3. Kikay K

      Kikay K

      Hi!, No I didn't get any email, SMS, or online updates. Even up to now, my USCIS online account says "Initial Review". The same thing happened to my K1 timeline twins (Larysa-Simon and Tammy-Sheldon). The NOA2 just popped out of the mailbox :-) Yours must be on its way. Many of us get it 72-84 days post-NOA1. Ours was 76. Good luck!

    4. Dan and Drury

      Dan and Drury

      Thanks for the info. My fiance and I are in Detroit at the moment visiting her parents, so hopefully when we get back to Seattle on Sunday, the NOA2 will be in the mail awaiting us!

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