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    Cooking, Baking,Watching Live Concerts, biking, going out to the beach with BBQ with close friends,reading books,enjoying Outdoor Activity with my Husband.and Attending Christian Church.

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    Adjustment of Status (approved)
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    We met in HONGKONG , He visited me there, for two weeks, and soon got back Here in US, He Immediately filed A Petiton for me to USCIS, August 10, 2009,petition approved by Nov, i am informed by US CONSULATE HONGKONG by December, got interview by January and Approved at the Same Day , and Arrived here Last Feb 2010 ang Got Married April .
    I t is Not A Matter of Waiting How Long? But It is A matter of Doing It ,about Our paper Works, If you Both IN LOVE TRULY Each Other, Why Not get It Done. ? That could be My Advice to some Confused or looking What to do. it Works to me, MY K-1 Visa Approved in 3 months, .why? Because we Both work for it, Hope this Story would help you how to make your paper works Done too. And Now We are Happily Married but Still I am in my AOS. BUT I Believe this the will of God for me, HOW about you?

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  1. Recieved another E-mail from USCIS, Really sucks, Post Office Guy sent back My Card to USCIS, & I am Informed to Call the Hotline again to Confirm My New Address

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    2. kjmel38


      I did Call the USCIS Hotline & get Connected, and now I have to wait for Another 30 days, from today, I even Pay The USPS changed of Address Online for Confirmation & recieved thier Confirmation to the new address but look what they Did ? They Sent back to USCIS my GC.

    3. Darnell


      Tier 2 Human, at USCIS, can clear up most of this problem. Please only deal with a Tier 2 human.

    4. april082010


      That's really crazy this is all messed up... Sorry to hear about this Mel. The post office don't forward mail if it has " return service requested" even though you change your address at the Post Office. Maybe they send your GC just after you moved. I hope you get this stuff settled and get your GC soon. TC!

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