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    elus got a reaction from Sean and Kristina in Walk-in Biometric Done in Fort-Worth TX   
    I succeeded in doing my walk-in biometric today.It was pretty easier and no problem or any sorts.I did it in Fort-Worth TX in Quebec street.The place is just new,opened two weeks ago and I met only two people there.And after me there wasnt anybody to attend to.I guess they were just relaxing and gisting waiting for anybody to come irrespective of their date.
    If you are around Dallas or anywhere you know you can easily have access to the place.Please do go there and have it done under 10mins.
    6/03/10 Package(AOS) sent.
    6/04/10 package received.
    6/14/10 3NOA1s received postdated 6/09/10.
    6/24/10 Biometric appointment received slated for 7/19/10.
    6/25/10 Walk-in Biometric at Fort-Worth by 10.30am.
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    elus got a reaction from Dr. A ♥ O in June 2010 Filers   
    Thank God Today.I was approved
    Interview centre....Irving TX
    My appointment was 12.15pm and we got there 11.55am.Checked in through the normal security stuff and went to the second floor through the elevator.We met the receptionist and we gave her our appointment letter ,she asked us if we have a lawyer which we said no,she then gave us a pager and told us to have a seat.We waited and we got called around 12.55pm through the vibration of the pager.
    A lady came round mid fifty and introduced herself as Mrs…………….We greeted her and she lead us into a corridor of so many rooms(offices).We entered her office ,she swore us in.The two chairs were very close to her desk and we didn’t even push it backward. Our hands were even touching the table.Then she started by saying,your Driver license ID,SSN,EAD and my Passport,we presented them to her.She looked at it and started asking the question,
    How did you meet?? We told her we met online,she said where? Was it a chat room or eharmony? We told her our dating website where we met.She said she believed in dating site because she met her husband(a Gernan) also in a chat room.She also asked how long it was before we met in person and we told her it was 5days,we wanted to show her our emails during those time but said her head would blow off…..lol
    She turned to my wife and asked her about my name,date of birth and place of birth,she turned to me and asked me about my wife’s too. She also said my wife should spell my full name and I should also spell my wife’s first name. Asked me if I am still in school and I told her yes,
    She was very polite yet got straight to the point .She also asked us when we met? How long was it before we decided to get married?My wife kid’s name and date of birth,Asked me if I have any kid,she strongly asked me again.I said no.Also asked if I was married before and I said no.She asked my wife if she has ever filed for immigration for anybody and my wife said no.
    She asked our place and date of marriage,how come we got married so quick?? What does my wife do?Also asking me about the NO NO NO NO NO NO NO question .I put our tons of photos almost close to 450 for her to take a look,she declined to look it jokily, that it could be faked or staged that she saw us as a happy couple right from the beginning that she watched our body language already.That there is no need.She didn’t even take any to put into our file.
    She asked us if we have any evidence of co-mingling together and I opened my file,she was so amazed by her look on what I was pulling out. I brought them out and she said I should just give her all to make a copy of it,so I gave her all.She took the documents and our IDs,SSN,EAD and my Passport which she immediately took away my I-94 form,she came back in less than 5mins.She handed everything to us,I noticed that she took all the two affidavits from my wife friends and the two from my step-kids as well.She took away our email print out of our ticket and Sam’s club membership form
    Right from the beginning of the interview we knew we would be approved because she said it indirectly many times during the questioning,she is so jovial,lively and easy to talk to ,so we felt so much relaxed and comfortable believing we are approved already.So the big question came that I am approving you for Conditional Permanent Resident . She gave us a form to know the rules governing conditional permanent resident that I am not a citizen yet and I shouldn’t fill or tick a box of a citizen.That 90days to the expiration, I should file for another form to remove the condition attached,also she said my GC would arrive in 2weeks that when I get it I should destroy my EAD card. So we had a hand shake and she lead us out of her office.
    The interview duration was 20mins and it was just a mere discussion as if we were opening a bank account.
    God really did the wonderful interview for us.What God has joined together let no man put asunder, even government or immigration can’t.I(black) came into US as F1 student for the first time in January 2010.I met my wife(white) online first week in March,and got married in May 21st 2010,just about 73days of dating, with just 10 people present ,no reception .My wife is older than me with 12yrs gap.We live together as one.All these shown red flags ,but God is great and we married for love and saw all through without any hitch.
    06-03-2010 AOS package sent,
    06-04-2010 package received
    06-14-2010 3NOAs received
    06-24-2010 Biometric Letter received slated for July 19th 2010
    06-25-2010 Biometric done via work-in
    07-30-2010 Interview letter received slated for August 31st 2010
    08-04-2010 EAD card production order
    08-16-2010 EAD received
    08-31-2010 AOS APPROVED (88days)
    This is a great website and may God bless Visajourney because it has saved us and many other people a lot of money.
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    elus got a reaction from Alex W in Biometrics Walk-In Fort Worth   
    Yes and Yes,I did mine on the 25th of June 2010 and it was pretty fine,I did it under 10mins,its a new office and the staffs there are pretty great.Make sure u go along with your ID and the appointment even the NOA for the adjustment of status for u to get your Alien number,bcos u have to fill a form which u have to write down your Alien number.Go they are waiting for you and my interview letter just came in last friday.
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