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  1. Little perturbed with the whole postal system. Its been over two weeks since the embassy mailed the Packet-3. She is still waiting for it. I emailed the embassy and they sent me the information and forms. But my major worry is that what if the P3 has been delivered but to the wrong place or returned to the embassy as undeliverable. That would really suck

    1. hotpizza


      Dont worry...I emailed the embassy on June 4th asking them the status and they sent me P3 by email...the letter was dated may 4th...i was very upset..anyhow, sent them all the forms they asked for and then recd packet 4 by end of june...and I recvd p3 last week..lol..dont worry about not getting packet 3..just make sure u keep emailing them every now and then to know the status...

    2. newLife2010


      how did you sent them the forms?

      I am getting some conflicting information. The embassy lady told me that my fiance can email the forms to the embassy, but I can't seem to find that stated any where. So what are the accepted method of sending the fomrs to the embassy?

    3. hotpizza


      I printed them and filled them out,then scanned and emailed it to them. I also kept the original forms properly cz the lady at VFS asked me to submit all those forms when i went to submit my docs fr da interview...just ask ur fiance to email DS230 part 1,applicants statement so that she can be included in next months interview list...do this asap..is she going to appear at new delhi consulate?

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