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Obtaining Danish documents:

Lægeundersøgelsen foretages i Danmark - interviewet er i Sverige.

Fødsels-, navne-/dåbsattest: Free of charge. The parish you're born in, contact through personregristrering.dk to find local parish contact info. The pastor translated my birth cert. as well as signed and stamped it. You may translate it yourself - add a signed and sworn statement saying your fluent in both languages.

Police record and international police record: Free of charge. Your local police station. Bring ID(passport) and ask for Danish and intl. police record. Printed and signed same day if it's clean.

1) Cost: Around 2100 dkr, plus/minus. 2 doctors in DK perform the medical, one in Århus and one in Cph. It's an easy medical as long as you bring the required documents. They don't accept creditcard(in Århus) so bring cash.
2) (in Danish) Dine forældre er forhåbentlig i besiddelse af en gul fold-ud-bog eller hvad der minder om("plan for børnevaccionationer/vaccinationskort"). Den er helt fra fødslen og har de relevante stempler med dato og vaccinationer givet, selvfølgelig afhængig af din årgang. Den KAN se anderledes ud end nævnt. Behold kvitteringer og be' om en kopi af vaccinationspapireret, hvis de ikke automatisk udleverer den.
3) Ring lægen op og forhør om ventetiden pt. Som regel er der omkring 6 ugers ventetid. Nogle gange kan du presses ind hurtigere. For K1s, husk på, at den medical stadig skal være gyldig, når man tiljusterer sin status(AOS), ellers skal man have foretaget en ny i USA. En god måned eller to forinden interviewet er fint.


Danish residency: Go to https://www.borger.dk/Emner/bolig-og-flytning/flytning/Sider/flyt-til-udlandet.aspx? and follow the guide. I'm mentioning this because if you do not do this, you're considered a resident of Denmark even after you moved, and you'll still be taxable. DK and US has an agreement and the US can hand out your US address to SKAT upon request.

US passport sized pictures: I did these myself with a dslr camera, white background(no flash), resized them to correct dimensions(6 on each sheet), uploaded to foto.com (mat/blank papir) and had about 20 made for around 40 dkr. including shipping. They were accepted both at petition, embassy and AOS stage, just follow the directions at travel.state.gov regarding photo requirements.

International driver's license: 25 dkr., valid for a year. Contact your local borgerservicecenter, bring passport sized photos, your passport(or birth cert. and sygesikringsbevis), and valid Danish driver's license. However, since you're immigrating, check state laws. Usually, you're allowed to drive with it until the i-94 expires.

Plane tickets:
1) Interview; If you don't have a driver's license, make sure they accept a copy of your passport for returning, the embassy keeps your passport.
2) I used a combo of cheapoair and momondo for plane tickets. I preferred POE being final destination due to much luggage(and a dog). Experiment with the dates, putting the return somewhere out in the future. Oneway/return; whichever is less expensive/most convenient.

Extra luggage: Most allow extra suitcases. sometimes it's cheaper than sending it afterwards. Brought 3 large suitcases, one carry-on and a dog(in xxl cage) on the same ticket through KLM. In one suitcase my computer parts and 24" monitor wrapped in anti-static bags.

ESTA/VWP: No need to renew it or get ESTA as it's not needed when having a (K1) visa.

Pets travelling with you: Prices vary(rabies shot, pet passport, Vet consultation fee, airline fee) but cost me a total of around 1500 dollars. Remember embargo rules!! Check with airline(and dimensions/weight of crate too, I had an XXL cage and a German shepherd). Go to http://www.cdc.gov/animalimportation/BringingAnimalToUs.html and arrange an appointment with your vet. I chose KLM because of their animal hotel and had a 5 hours layover in that AMS airport. Remember some vaccinations have to be given a minimum or maximum amount of days prior to departure.

Shipping from DK to US: You're allowed to bring it duty-free when immigrating. Through PostDanmark, using economy class, write "used personal belongings"/"used household items" on the sides, mail to yourself at your new address and put "k1 visa holder/new immigrant/cr1-ir1" on the green note at post office. Max weight is 20 kilos per box so shipping bigger items, search google or degulesider.dk (freight/cargo). I put a list of content inside the boxes. I sent one box a week before my arrival, it arrived 2 days after me. Bought large storage vacuum bags through ebay, stuffed clothing in 4 bags, all my clothing(alot!) fit into one box, 20 kilos, that way.

Nøglekort: Might not be important but anywho.. I ordered a new nøglekort to access my accounts from overseas. Might come in handy.

Anything else? Sell your material belongings. Odds are it's less expensive in US anyways rather than shipping. Bye-bye dvd-collection, guitars and furniture! Bring a couple of Danish books/magazines maybe. They don't have much licquorice overhere.. Or zendium toothpaste(I brought 12 packs of it). I also brought my keyboard with æøå on.

Ellers skriv - hjælper gerne. smile.gif

K1 process October, 2010 > July, 2011
California Service Center
Consulate : Denmark
I-129F Sent : 2010-10-10
I-129F NOA1 : 2010-10-20
I-129F touched : 2010-02-18
I-129F RFE : 2011-03-17(email) 2011-03-22(mail)
RFE response shipped to USCUS: 2011-04-08
I-129F NOA2 : 2011-04-18
I-129F NOA2 hardcopy : 2011-04-22
NVC Received : 2011-04-25
NVC Left : 2011-04-29
Consulate Received : 2011-05-02
Packet 3 Received : 2011-05-05
Packet 3 Sent : 2011-05-06
Packet 4 Received : 2011-05-06
Interview Date : 2011-06-01, approved
Visa Received : 2011-06-08
US Entry : 2011-07-21, Chicago
Estimates/Stats : Your I-129f was approved in 180 days from your NOA1 date.
Your interview took 224 days from your I-129F NOA1 date.

Indiana, getting started/in-between immigration process:
SSN: 2011-08-02 (received 3 days later in mail despite name error when CBO typed into SAVE database)
State-ID: 2011-08-13 (received 7 days later in mail)

Learner's permit/license was done a few days after state ID was issued.

Cert. marriage certificate: by doing a walk-in, handed over immediately after paying.

AOS process
CIS Office : Chicago IL
Date Filed : 2011-12-08 (priority mail with tracking info, money order)
Date received: 2011-12-12
AOS touched: 2012-12-26
NOA1 Date : 2011-12-27 (email, status update)
Email/text: 2011-12-27 (status update)
NOA1: 2011-12-28 (hard-copies)
Bio. app.: 2011-12-29 (hard-copy)
Bio. Appt., Michigan city : 2012-01-17
AOS Transfer to CSC: 2012-01-26 (emails, status update)
Transfer notice to CSC: 2012-02-01 (hard-copy)
CSC recieved AOS: 2012-02-01 (email, status update)
I485 approved: 2012-07-19
Card production ordered: 2012-07-20 (email, status update)
Greencard mailed: 2012-07-23 (email, status update)
Greencard picked up by USPS: 2012-07-23 (email, status update)
NOA2 in mailbox: 2012-07-24
Greencard received in mailbox: 2012-07-25
AOS estimates/stats: Your AOS was approved in 215 days(NOT including card production/shipping)
LPR from 7/17-2012

EAD process
Date Filed : 2011-12-08
Date received: 2011-12-12
NOA1 Date : 2011-12-27
Email/text: 2011-12-27 (status update)
NOA1 hardcopy: 2011-12-27
Bio. Appt. : 2012-01-17
Approved: 2012-02-15 (email, status update)
Card production ordered: 2012-02-21 (email, status update)
EAD card mailed: 2012-02-22 (email, status update)
EAD picked up by USPS: 2012-02-22 (email, status update)
EAD card rec'd: 2012-02-24
EAD estimates/stats: Your EAD was approved in 69 days.(NOT including card production/shipping)

AP process
Date Filed : 2011-12-08
NOA Date : 2011-12-27
Email/text: 2011-12-27 (status update)
NOA1 hardcopy: 2011-12-27
Approved: 2012-02-15
Estimates/stats: Your AP was approved in 69 days. (same process as EAD since it's a combo card)

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