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    keka reacted to at long last in who in their right mind would sign the I-864????   
    Did you just come onto this community site to piss people off? Really. What about the "wife " you bring into the country? She has to give up the security and life to be with you. Can't say it would be high on my list with your stinky attitude. Better end it now before it is too late for her.
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    keka reacted to KittyPollitt in I booked my flight.tell me if I did any good?   
    I'm doing just fine. Life is great over here. This site, however, is crisis after crisis- many of which could be avoided if people that come on here learn from others mistakes. One huge mistake that gets repeated often is booking flights and paying caterers before a visa is issued. It's not something that should be encouraged. To do so would cause a lot of heartache and lost funds for a lot of hopeful people.
    This isn't a handholding, back patting site. It's a place for advice. Other people will search these threads months from now looking for advice about purchasing plane tickets in advance. Hopefully it will go well for this guy, however IT IS NOT ADVISABLE to purchase tickets or make wedding plans in advance of receiving a visa. Realistically.
    That's all I'm saying.
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    keka reacted to KittyPollitt in I booked my flight.tell me if I did any good?   
    If you're so sure of your good decision, why create a thread asking about it? Just so people can reinforce your poor decision? Wow.
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    keka reacted to TiklingGuy in Citizenship denied for lack of good moral character   
    You exchanged your item for something else without going to customer service first. First off you can't do that in America. Secondly using your military husband to demand respect from someone is not Honorable. That will only get you laughed at.
    I would just wait another three years like everyone else said. Seems that you are just digging a deeper hole trying to fight a battle you cannot win.
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    keka reacted to Brother Hesekiel in Citizenship denied for lack of good moral character   
    You have been detained for shoplifting, charged with petty theft and paid the fine. You did not do that because you were accused mistakenly, but because you were guilty as charged. You are a thief.
    Yet you did not disclose this, wrongfully assuming the Feds are too stupid to find out within a comprehensive FBI background test.
    Tell you what: if I had been the I.O. I would have seen this as a deliberate misrepresentation and declared you a persona non grata for the rest of your natural life. If I were you, I would thank my god for sparing me deportation and keep my mouth shut for another 3 years. If I was the judge getting your complaint on my table, I would order you deported before going to the bathroom.
    You apparently have no idea how lucky you got.
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    keka reacted to Little_My in Citizenship denied for lack of good moral character   
    Someone who knows more about these kids of situations is gonna respond to you - but you have to give people time to notice your post. Try to remember that this is not a paid forum where immigration experts get paid to stay online to give advice on these issues.. Members are happy to help, but they're not on call 24/7. I hope you'll get some help with your situation, and I am sure you will. Just be a bit more patient.
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    keka reacted to amandas1216 in what if something happen to the petitioner what then?   
    kinda creapy to bring up u think....
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    keka reacted to johnnybgood265 in The new cost of lifting conditions ?   
    Thank you so much for this info. Next time leave the attitude at home.Sorry but it just awoke.
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    keka reacted to NHKx2 in Dissolving love and a missed green card   
    I'd tell him you'll mail the Green Card after he repays you for the debts you incurred on his behalf. After he pays you back, mail the Green Card, but to USCIS.
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    keka reacted to Rufus2012 in married before entering on K-1   
    "i mean how would USCIS know about it."
    It's people like who you take this approach and have this mentality that makes this process a burden for everyone else wanting to play by the rules. Telling a lie to a government official in the course of them performing their duties is a crime; perhaps they don't know immediately, perhaps they never find out, but if they do, you're screwed. As you should be.
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    keka reacted to Brother Hesekiel in Didn't meet in person   
    I would not even buy a pair of $29.95 jeans without trying them on first. Naturally, when somebody proposes to marry somebody else without ever having even seen them in person, that can't be taken seriously, not even by a Government agency. Marriage is a big step in life; for many it's the biggest decision in their lifetime. When traveling to a store before buying a bicycle to make sure it fits, it's reasonable to travel to the prospective husband or wife at least once before investing time and money on an immigrant petition, if it's a genuine relationship, which is what USCIS is looking for.
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    keka reacted to NHKx2 in K-1 Denied   
    Wow. If you give up this easily, it must not have been love after all. Just as well you move on.
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    keka reacted to Messybrownhair in beating the K1 work authorization question to death...   
    No matter what the lawyer says, when the k1 applicant applies for a SSN after POE, it will be marked with "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION" and this restriction can only be removed with the EAD or GC. Sorry for no link, I am just basing it on my experience. That in itself, to me, was enough proof to know that I could not have worked back then. I wish it wasn't the case though, could have saved from some boredom back then!
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    keka reacted to Max1gk in Some K1 relationships sound crazy   
    Then avoid going for it,with this attitude it surely would ruin yours. Cheers
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    keka reacted to DiZZyLoX in Some K1 relationships sound crazy   
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    keka reacted to Gus&Cole in Annullment before green card processed   
    I am so angry reading your story. You should not have to go through this. PLEASE go through with getting his *** thrown out of this Country. There isn't room for people like him. It's amazing how some people have absolutely no feelings for human kind. How can someone do this? Thanks to people like him, everyone else has to go through years of hell just to be with someone they truly love and want to spend their life with. You do not deserve this at all. Please don't allow him to play with your life anymore. His Country can have him back. Will you update us on what happens tomorrow? Be strong, we are all here for you to vent. I truly believe in karma and he will get his. I would love to stand outside the airplane when he is deported and wave him good bye with a big smile on my face.
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    keka reacted to Wandis in Everyone should stop acting like big babies   
    Are you serious? You really think that my opinion is bringing the forums mood down? That's just pathetic. You can't be that easily affected. Obviously most people are disagreeing with me so I don't think my opinion matters too much correct? Seems like people like being miserable I don't know.
    I never told anyone not to miss their significant other, I never told anyone not to be sad. I said be patient and relax and you will probably feel a lot better. It WILL happen for you.
    Go on different search engines for jobs, see what's out there.
    Look up education options if you're interested in that.
    Go on Google maps and see what the surroundings are in your soon to be area.
    Maybe even ask your fiance to send picture of his/hers home and you can fantasize about what you want to remodel
    Fantasize about what your life will be when you get there. Focus on the good instead of the bad. You would feel a lot better.
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    keka reacted to Penny Lane in Marriage before K1 visa approval!   
    I don't understand how this question can be asked so frequently. The rules of the K1 visa (which should be read and understood before applying) FIRMLY state that the petitioner and beneficiary must get married within 90 days of the beneficiary entering the United States. If you get married BEFORE you get your K1 visa, you no longer have a fiance. You will have a spouse.
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    keka reacted to KayDeeCee in Green Card Today!!!!!! T0T   
    Woo hoo! Congrats!!!
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    keka reacted to SophWeb in Obtaining citizenship and then moving overseas   
    Very good point. Thank you!
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    keka reacted to amesa in Serious Stress...   
    I am sorry for being so blunt, by why should you get special treatment just because a relative works in a a USCIS center? YOu should wait your turn just like everyone else.
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    keka reacted to james&olya in US Fiance died.. can she marry another person?   
    True love!!! (for a green card!)
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    keka reacted to felo391971 in US Fiance died.. can she marry another person?   
    DID somebody say WOWWWWWWWWWWW I cant belive this post .
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    keka reacted to Kathryn41 in Making my wife leave. Advice only please   
    Thread closed for violating TOS. Seeking support for falsifying information to USCIS in order to harm an immigrant is just as fraudulent as falsifying information to USCIS to help an immigrant.
    VisaJourney.com does not condone immigration fraud in any way, shape or manner. VisaJourney.com recommends that if any member or user knows directly of someone involved in fraudulent or illegal activity, that they report such activity directly to the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. You can contact ICE via email at Immigration.Reply@dhs.gov or you can telephone ICE at 1-866-347-2423. All reported threads/posts containing reference to immigration fraud or illegal activities will be removed from this board.
    For more information on immigration and how immigration fraud affects all members of the immigration community please see USCIS.GOV.
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    keka got a reaction from Mme Rej in How do you report K1 fraud?   
    I dont know to much about this but here , one actress was involve in a K1 fraud . . and she and the guy can go to the jail at less 5 years if they find them guilty . .
    If you do this , you must to know that maybe your sister can go to the jail . . honestly is better if you try for all the ways to talk with your sister . . sometimes we dont want to open our eyes to the reality . . if u already talk to her . . not to much you can do . .
    Just let her know if she wan to show that to her kids . .
    Be strong! n____n
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