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    Derek and I met 10 years ago on AOL. I found his pen-pal ad and we fell hard and fast for each other that very night. We talked online and by phone to get to know each other better before we decided to meet in person. First, Derek came here to see me and my children. The kids fell in love with him as much as I did. They've called him Dad all these years.

    I've been to England 4 times to see him since then. I met his parents and we all got along wonderfully. His parents wanted us together as they knew we were meant for each other as much as we did.

    We have wanted to marry for years, but as many people do, we made mistakes and were on again, off again for a while. Both of us married others and boy was that a mistake! We are now both divorced and have learned our lessons. We always spoke and kept in touch even when we went on the wrong paths seperately, and we always ended up back together and stronger for it. So now we figure, as much as we love each other, it's time we finally marry the right person, each other...laughing.

    Derek is a wonderful person and I love and adore him for everything he is. I can't imagine living out the rest of my life without him. We've already spent enough time apart.

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  1. We are a little anxious about the time it's taking to get the NOA2, but with keeping in touch and supporting each other through the long days we are getting through it. This long, hard wait is only bringing us closer together and making our bond that much stronger. I want the NOA2 more than anything so I know where we stand, but I also understand it's a waiting game. Gotta love it huh...

    1. CareBear


      Hang in there Dawn. I was an April filer and my NOA2 took 91 days. I only got it a week ago. Its a stressful wait but very worth it in the end.

    2. Dawn Louise

      Dawn Louise

      We're doing the best we can. We just keep talking and supporting each other, especially on the tough days. We faced my birthday apart, and now Derek's as his birthday is July 22. I don't know how we manage to keep going being so far apart, but we're taking it one day at a time. Waiting just over 10 years to do this has been one heck of a ride, and we know we still have a bumpy road to travel until this is over and we are finally both on the same side of the pond.

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