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    YAS8MIKE got a reaction from liz0215 in VISA FINALLY APPROVED TODAY!! thanks VJ   
    got there at 5:30 told to fall on like at 6:30, showed the guard my confirmation letter & valid ID. directed to go to gate 2. bags were scanned & i went to the immigrants area, fell in line at the ticket booth. they took my DS forms , confirmation letter & BPI receipt
    , they asked some questions & gave me a number which will be used for the whole process.
    i was told to take a seat & wait for my numner to flash on the queuing board. (they appear in random order)
    7006 flashes ont he board, i then went to window 14. fa nice ilipina prescreener asked some questions, look at our photos, took the NSO birth cert, cenomar & NBI clearance, didnt ask for other evidence of meeting nor our evidence of genuine relationship (which is 2 inches thick lol)
    consul was a nice black american. interview was quick , asked me a few questions almost 10 i think.
    who is your petitioner?
    how did u meet?
    when was the last itme u saw him?
    how many did times he visit you?
    di u have kids?
    have u ever been married?
    have u been outside the country?
    is he married before?
    does he have kids & if yes how many? & what are their age
    do u have photos?
    asked me to flip some of our photos for him, didnt ask for other evidence of meeting like boarding passes , ticketsnoe evidence of gen. rel. Told me that my visa is approved & i can go back to my seat & wait for my name to be called (releasing)
    before i even reached my seat, i hear them asking #7006 to go back to window 38 lol so i went back. no one was there. stood at the cubicle/window for 10-15mins lol then he walked on front of me & he was like suprised that i was there lol & then he said oh i just for got to ask you if u intend to marry your fiance within 90 your arrival? & I said YES . & he said ok & told me to wait for my name to be called for releasing. after 15 minutes, i was asked to got o window 26, the lady there gave me a slip to fill out & be given to 2GO counter/booth after. & i went outside to look for my sister & brother in law & we headed home happy.
    ** u can buy drinks/snacks inside the embassy kinda pricey though. u can bring bread/biscuits/ candies. Liquids not allowed.
    affix your 2x2 photos to your DS forms before the interview. Bring extra photos.there is restroom inside the embasssy best time to use it is right after u got your number as it will take time before your number flashes on the screen & after finger printing.
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