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    Art, music and photography.

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    Finally after 414 days we have visa approval. Who knew meeting on a music website could lead to marriage and moving!

    Thank you VisaJourney for helping us through what we thought would be a simple process ..lol.

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  1. Just got my email... for sure November 3rd. 2010 yippee!

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    2. AB2CO


      Congrats!!! You're in Vancouver, so you don't have to leave town for the medical, right?

    3. MSR


      about time!! congradulations.

      We booked the holiday inn express. Canadiandggal had mentioned it, so i thought i'd look into it, they had great rates so i did too!! Great info from that lady.

    4. housewife


      I'm so happy for you congrats so you will be in Montreal?

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