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    Cynthia and I met in August of 2008 while I was working in the Philippines. Since then, we have talked almost every day. We got to see each other again in March of 2010. We started the K-1 Visa process in September and then I visited her once more in November. We are very excited to spend our lives together.

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  1. Never trust the US government when they tell you they will do something. "Sure, we'll change your fiancee's address." Nope. "Yes, we will send your case to USEM today or tomorrow." Nope. Three weeks later after wondering what's taking so long, I called NVC to find out exactly what day they sent it. Apparently they didn't. It's been sitting there collecting dust. No one know why? Oh my gosh. How can they be so stupid? Between them changing the embassy to the...

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    2. James and Cynthia

      James and Cynthia

      Thanks Tim and Mav. I'm very frustrated but I'll keep my patience. The hardest part was telling Cynthia. I feel really sorry that I didn't call NVC two weeks ago to make sure. I should have called and now things are delayed. She's very understanding, but I still feel bad she will have to wait longer now.

    3. James and Cynthia

      James and Cynthia

      Hi Minnie and Mickey. I'm happy your case is on its way and you passed your medical. Cynthia and her daughter passed theirs too. Now we're just waiting again.

    4. MinnielovesMickey


      wow!that was nice ^_^ Hope we wouldn't wait longer to have appointment interview,it's been 3weeks now your case still on NVC?

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