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    prettyunique got a reaction from VanessaTony in What is the TRUTH about DS-3025 and I-693   
    The varicella and the MMR only requires two shots each for the series.
    If she has started the series of any of these vaccinations she does NOT have to start over with the series. She will be at her second shot for both of them. You can go to your local health department, your physician or a retail health clinic to get these remaining vaccinations. Then take the DS3025 and her personal vaccination record (whatever they give you to show the recent shots) and take it to CS to transcribe on the
    I693. USCIS just need to know that all the shots are update.
    Even though I did not want to go the CS, I just think to myself. The people who look at our applications and make decision about our lives are not medical doctors or nurses. They do not know much about what is necessary and what interval are appropriate. So I would do what I have to do to make it easy for them to see what is obviously right and make the correct decision. If they do not know they will most likely RFE us.
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