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    Dec 2008. He poked me on FB and sent me a message saying I have a cool profile (lame line). We exchanged emails on FB; he asked me what I was doing for the holidays... Actually, I was leaving to spend Xmas with my family in Edmonton and going up North with friends for New Years.

    3 wks pass and we are now the first wk of Jan 2009. I get another email from him (persistent man), the email exchange continues. We exchange #s.

    Jan 15, 2009 our first phone conversation... We stayed on the phone for 215 min (I have the phone records to prove it lol).
    Feb 22, 2009 we meet for the first time face-to-face. FIREWORKS!!! We spent the entire day together.
    Left NYC for 3wks (travelling for work). We spoke everyday for hours; it was the highlight of my days.
    March 15, 2009 back in NYC for a week before leaving on vacation to Spain. Meet his family. Spent all my evenings with him.
    April 3, 2009. He drove 7hrs to get in MTL to drive me back to NYC. Spent the weekend together (feelings are growing everyday)
    May 22, 2009. My aunt passes away after battling breast cancer. He stays on the phone with until 5AM to make sure I'm ok.
    May 30, 2009 Back in NYC!
    Aug- Oct 4, 2009. (my vacation!!!) Needed time away from MTL to deal with passing of my aunt (she was my 2nd mom, she helped raise me). Came to NYC to escape. It was official, I loved him and we become an exclusive couple.
    Dec 12, 2009-Jan 4,2010. Back in NYC to spend Xmas with my boyfriend and his family.

    Dec 31, 2009 we’re getting married he says. I said, ok!
    Feb 22, 2010- Married in front of our respective mother's

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  1. T minus 27.5 hrs until our interview

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