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    Anders and I met on a mailing list for Robert Englund (best known as the actor who plays Freddy Krueger) when I was only about 12 years old. We co-existed on the mailing list, and would sometimes email about our similar tastes in music and other films and actors. I also would admire his artwork, and ask for his advice on starting some art projects of my own. Years later in 2007, I had been struggling with an overwhelming urge to be artistic again. It had been a long time, and I was really trapped in a life that I didn't particularly care for. It refreshed my old interests in the films and arts that I'd loved growing up...my heros...I suddenly got back to "me" again, seeing what all was going on in that world. I happened to cross a Robert Englund fansite on Myspace, and while checking out a picture of the Englund's dog Lola (I'm a sucker for cute dogs), I saw a comment from Anders Eriksen...and I just said "Wow, blast from the past!". Well, I emailed him, and it just happened that I had been dying to get into screenwriting, and Anders had a screenplay idea that he needed a writer for. We gave it a shot, and we really fed off each others' imagination. We met at a horror convention (it happened to be the Nightmare on Elm Street Reuinion) in Dallas, Texas, where we could get a chance to shake hands and seal a partnership. Anders is an FX artist, illustrator, and also the craftsman behind Nightmare Gloves (www.nightmaregloves.com) so we were really coming up with some ideas together that we could bring to life. He wanted me to write stories and he would bring the visuals. Anders came for another visit to my home in Pennsylvania to work on some new projects...and the rest is history. I spent that Christmas discovering his hometown in the gorgeous countryside of Denmark. We were married there in March, 2009. Anders came to America in May, where we had our honeymoon in California so we could visit the Englunds who are responsible for bringing us together, supporting our union and our art, and helping us so much along the way. We started all of the research and gathering of information for our immigration case during that time, while we traveled to different conventions and events around the States with suitcases full of Freddy Gloves and horror masks! We filed our case on July 9, 2009, and we've been back and forth between America and Denmark...amazingly managing to be together almost throughout the entire immigration process...but still wail and whine like babies every time we are separated for a few weeks. I just returned from a two month stay in Denmark, and just before the horrible parting day we got the great news that our case was completed on March 31!! So now we are waiting for that grand day that we get an appointment for his interview. We are just a couple of people who click in a way that neither one of us ever imagined was possible, and we found each other against all odds in the great, big world. Now we're looking toward the future :-) A toast to every single one of you who are fighting this quiet little battle just to be united with their soulmate.

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  1. HE COMES HOME 06/02/2010!!!!!

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