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    Heather Rae got a reaction from Casandra in I 864 When You are Disabled and Your Income Won't Count   
    Hi I'm Rae and I'm new here as of today.
    My husband is in Ghana........and we are getting ready to start all our paper work ......My biggest fear is the I 864. I'm disabled and only receive SSI income......My Dad lives with me and has pension and Social Security. Does anyone know how that will affect our chances of bringing my husband to the States......
    And If I don't use my Dad's income can I use another family member who does not live with me as a sponsor to get my husband to the states.
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    Heather Rae got a reaction from GhLove in worth the few cedis to get it so not to be delayed any more!   
    Really not talking about my wait cause my wait is just getting started after all the papers are filed and approved..... But really feeling for all those that have been waiting a year or longer and still have heard nothing of an interview...that will be 6 months out once they do hear of a date. Just think it is really unfair to make all these married couples wait year or longer and still not hear and all the K-1 can get it done in less than a year.... THERE IS JUST AS MUCH FRAUD IN THOSE CASES IF NOT MORE THAN IN THE ONES WITH MARRIED COUPLES.. THAT IS THE BIG THING NO ONE SEEMS TO BE LOOKING AT........ALL THE K-1 ARE NOT EVEN BEING CONSIDERED FOR FRAUD CASES AND I KNOW THERE ARE FRAUD CASES THERE AS WELL. WHY SHOULD A FINACEE VISA GO THROUGH BEFORE A SPOUSAL VISA BOTH WILL BE COME THE SAME STIPULATIONS... AND CAN BE THE SAME SOURCE OF FRAUD.... SO IT IS THE EMBASSY EVIDENTALLY THAT IS BEING UNFAIR TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE MARRIED COMPARED TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT MARRIED YET...
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