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    We met on myspace in Sept 2008 We began our relationship in Nov 2008 and I made my first trip to Ghana Dec 2009 and we were married. I been to Ghana 3 times and love to be with my husband there. He is an awesome and understanding man, who has never asked for anything but my love and has given me such love that passes all understanding. I'm truly blessed with a wonderful husband.

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  1. Just got out of the hospital.....the stress is bothering a already heart problem I have so I'm praying hard.

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    2. lissaphila


      Are you going to Ghana this year?

    3. Heather Rae

      Heather Rae

      I just came back May 11 from Ghana......wanting to go back to see my husband...but money is the problem with that but my family trying to help me go back...

    4. Evans and Flor

      Evans and Flor

      Be patient and pray. I know how you feel. God is with you. I just left 4 days ago and i want to go back. Dont stress, just pray then pray harder

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