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    that_girl reacted to trillium13 in Woman Walking Down The Street Throws Cat Into The Garbage!   
    I hate people. I don't see humor in this at all.
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    that_girl reacted to Peikko in This is a hero?   
    I am not arguing that at all and that you come to such a bizarre conclusion based on what I said is, well odd. The fact is that unless you tackle the conditions that create armed robbers, armed robbers will continue to be created; you can continue to kill them (pop them? really?) but that will not change the reasons that people turn to armed robbery. Bear in mind that armed robbery is not a capital offense and self defense can only be justified under certain circumstances.
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    that_girl reacted to Peikko in Religious Beliefs - Fact or Fiction   
    A belief in god is a fact, people do it, and in private life there is absolutely no reason why they should not. What I personally object to (and why I highlighted your post btw) is the imposition of ANY religious belief onto public life via the legal system and in facets of state and federal government. We as human beings are perfectly capable of creating laws and acceptable behaviours that are based on ethics that are applicable to everyone regardless of their faith. The problems occur when a law is based entirely on an interpretation of religious conformity that in fact impacts on people dependent on their particular beliefs as apposed to equality and fairness. Passive acceptance in these circumstances is wrong and to be condemned.
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    that_girl reacted to elmcitymaven in woman called 911 to ask for a date   
    You knew it was an American woman because only an American woman would be so desperate, foolish and reckless. Right?
    Seriously, I have had enough of your skirting around the TOS with these misogynistic, anti-American rants. If I or anyone else on here were to spout off on something vaguely derogatory about Ukrainian women, you'd be reporting my ####### quicker than you can say Jack Robinson. I'm not reporting you -- I'm calling you out publicly. I should know better than to get into a slanging match with you, Gary, but I think today I have to say I am sick to my eye teeth of this BS.
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    that_girl reacted to fozzie in US Scientists Developing Vaccine For Stress   
    They already have a vaccine for stress.

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    that_girl reacted to The_Dude in Breaking: Judge grants injunction on most vehemently opposed parts of AZ law!   
    I think it was quite clear what he was saying. I have to agree, I trust the legal acumen of a federal judge over that of a self-styled legal scholar with no background in law, nor any education in the field.
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    that_girl got a reaction from one...two...tree in career change at 32   
    For what it's worth:
    My mom's career when I was born was as a mechanical engineer. She worked this job for 20 years (from the age of 23 to 43) then went back to school because she wanted to be a teacher. She makes a lot less money now, but she's much happier as a high school physics teacher. And she was way older than you were when she went back to school. It can be done!
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    that_girl reacted to Fandango in Guys who use prostitutes   
    I think that it's really none of your biz what he gets up to, and for you to be so intrusive into speculating about his STD chances, his views on relationships, etc...well it's a bit ott, innit? Point is, you only know because he confided in you...do you really know what your other friends do? Do you know if all of your single male friends practice safe sex, and have you figured out the statistical chances of them contracting something? Do you know if any of your friends like to be diapered up and powdered like a baby? No. Do you know if any of them have a penchant for being whipped or kicked in the groin? Nope. Because what goes on behind closed doors is non of anyone else's biz. We can find fault with anyone really if given all the facts, but at the end of the day, now that you know, and with such a moral high ground stance you're taking (with it being akin to child abuse, which I couldn't disagree more with btw), isn't it clear what you need to do? Or would you hang out with child molesters?
    Truthfully, the guy's biggest fault, where your concerned, is treating you as a friend and telling you too much.
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    that_girl reacted to IndigoSkies in You are too white to be American! Says Latino KKK   
    If whites can scream browns to go back to Mexico or India, then browns can scream the same thing. The thing to realise here is that we all immigrants to America. White or brown. Only the natives Americans are natives here. Even them too came from Africa many, many thousands of years ago. So this argument of going back to where ever one came from originally doesn't hold water. Everyone was an illegal to America once.
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    that_girl reacted to Jenn! in Engagement ring   
    For me, that money is better spent elsewhere. I don't appreciate expensive jewelry. I'd rather have the money in my 401k. Romantic, huh?
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    that_girl got a reaction from april082010 in May 2010 Filers   
    What great news! Congratulations!
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    that_girl got a reaction from Peikko in career change at 32   
    For what it's worth:
    My mom's career when I was born was as a mechanical engineer. She worked this job for 20 years (from the age of 23 to 43) then went back to school because she wanted to be a teacher. She makes a lot less money now, but she's much happier as a high school physics teacher. And she was way older than you were when she went back to school. It can be done!
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    that_girl reacted to Trumplestiltskin in Liberal vs conservative media   
    Adversarial media is BS. Only in the US does this happen.
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    that_girl reacted to ValerieA in Engagement ring   
    Had an engagement ring with a big honking diamond for the first marriage. Stupid thing was always in the way, and really, we could have used that money for something else (like food, rent, ... when it turned out he was useless in addition to being a jerk and I had the only paycheque). This marriage, no engagement ring. Just the matching wedding bands. It is the marriage relationship that counts, not the jewelery.
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    that_girl reacted to ValerieA in The poor get poorer and deserve to   
    Women do that. We are awesome.
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    that_girl reacted to Peikko in Sugary Drinks Banned in San Francisco   
    Yeah, the Obama brown shirts are going to insist you spend the first 30 minutes of your day taking PT, all sugar is going to be banned, salt will be removed from supermarket shelves, fast food places are going to be nuked, televisions will be forcibly removed from houses and sitting on the settee for longer than 30 minutes at a time will become a criminal offense punishable by 30 days on the tread mills which are going to be introduced to replace coal fired power stations. All cars are going to be confiscated and you will be given a bike instead, meat eating is going to be made illegal and finally, illegal aliens are going to be put in greyhound buses armed with six packs of coca cola (HFC laden) and Twinkies where they will eat and drink them as they are slowly driven around city neighbourhoods in order to infuriate GOP voters. Good times, good times
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    that_girl reacted to Trumplestiltskin in Sugary Drinks Banned in San Francisco   
    Somewhere, somewhere - there is a vending machine that sells wormwood absinthe alongside boxes of shotgun shells.
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    that_girl reacted to Peikko in Sugary Drinks Banned in San Francisco   
    Is stuffing a vending machine full of high fructose corn syrup products and carcenogenic zero cal products 'choice'? Not in my book. Presumably the government can decide what types of 'food choices' they allow on their property - making these choices primarily healthy ones doesn't seem particularly limiting to me - after all, these things are still available in stores everywhere.
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    that_girl reacted to rika60607 in Socialist Obama administration throws $5B tax money at veterans with PTSD   
    If you ever approved of spending taxpayer's money on war, then you don't get to complain about spending taxpayers money on soldiers of that war.
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    that_girl reacted to ^_^ in A good example of what's wrong with kids these days...   
    No, your point was that kids who get parental assistance don't take a job out of college and wait for "the perfect offer". You're wrong about that, generally speaking.
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    that_girl reacted to Gary and Alla in No citizenship for US-born migrant kids   
    If one dissects the definition, there is a distinction. If one considers the way of life and working conditions, slaves generally had it better. That is probably not as well known by illegals whent they make that decision. Illegals are the current "replacement" for slaves. The analogy is valid. We have ALWAYS had slaves in this country, or some facsimile thereof. Slaves, oppressed black people, illegal immigrants...all because and ONLY because it is economically feasible to do so. We could have ended slavery without a war by TAXING the property of the slave holders and making slaves economically unfeasible to own. But the war wasn't about slavery any more than rape is about "sex".
    Rather than hope the illegals "get fvcked", I would like to see the employers lining their pockets by abusing and exploiting them get fvcked. If we would end the economic advantage of hiring them and end the opportunity for illegals to work in bad conditions for half wages, the problem would go away.
    However, like slavery, the dirty secret is that neither political party WANTS the "problem" to go away. They just "address it" in the way which fits into their constituents desire. On the one hand...BUILD A FENCE, on the other hand...AMNESTY. Neither will work and amnesty is simply a conversion of working illegals into unemployed legals and a conscription of more "slaves" to replace them. Once "legal" the illegals will demand minimum wage, payroll taxes, benefits, safety equipment, etc...all those expense for which they were hired as illegals to begin with. Their "selling point" is stripped away and they have to compete for honest work with native speakers. Good luck with that. No problem for the one political party...they will put them on welfare and make them dependent and count up more votes for Obama and people like him. Republican business owners will hire the new illegals that pour across to take their place. In a few years there will be another amnesty and the democrats will rack u another 12 million people or so to depend on them. Eventually they will become citizens and VOTE to confiscate money from OTHER citizens who work for a living, to support their families.
    And you expect this will change anytime soon? If ANy politician were serious, they would propose a TAX on hiring illegals, an onerous tax, and allow the confiscation of property and businesses to pay the tax. If the penalty for hiring an illegal to mow your lawn was the loss of your home...would you do it?
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    that_girl reacted to Gary and Alla in Faster option?????   
    Who says there is not a K-3?
    Speed of receiving the visa should not be the main consideration. Consider ALL the advantages and disadvantages of all.
    K-1 gets the loved one here faster, btu then they cannot travel or work for several months or more. CR-1 takes a little longer but comes with a green card, so immediate travel and work, if those are considerarions.
    K-3s (YES still available) allow up to two years traveling before adjusting status...good for a person who has to take some time to close a foreign business, for example, or a family that may intend to live in a foreign country after some time and really do not need a green card at this time. For the average permanent resident seeking couple, the K-3s have nothing to offer really and are frequently called "obsolete" They are not obsolete, just of limited attractiveness.
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    that_girl reacted to IndigoSkies in 7.9 million jobs lost, many forever   
    Some jobs are meant to disappear and never return. We don't need someone to protect travelling judge. We have circuit courts. You get the point. Judges don't travel to hear casese.
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    that_girl reacted to IndigoSkies in NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World   
    When I saw this on FoxNews website, I knew the idiots are going to have a field day with this. Let me tell you the real reason why NASA is courting the Muslim countries, especially in Middle East. NASA is broke. It's got no money. But Musilm countries in Middle East have someting like 1 trillion dollars sloshing around waiting to be invested in something. But Western world is weary of letting Muslims invest in West. Remember the port incident? Dubai World wanted to buy the port but American protectionism kicked in. NASA just wants the money from Muslims. But by speaking to Muslims in a much you-are-my-partner-in-this way, it's going to get the despotic Arab leaders more worked up about this. They'll start investing in NASA and space program for prestige reason. After all that's what Arab leaders like to do with their biggest everything dream: tallest building, biggest snow park, fastest this, slowest that, cleanest clean room, etc. You get the point.
    At the end it's true, NASA is much less of an American thing and more of a human thing. One small step for mankind and one giant leap for mankind and all that ish. I'm sorry that many Americans won't be able to see past their fake eyelashes.
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    that_girl reacted to Brother Hesekiel in 6yr old placed on "no fly" list   
    Our hard-earned tax Dollars at work.
    I would feel as safe, safer, actually, if they would remove all the scanners and all the obese no-good TSA agents from the airports, if they'd stop the shoes-off nonsense and the no waterbottles at boarding policies.
    What really would me make feels safer, and better, is if the US would stop sending my tax Dollars to ISRAEL and would stop spending my tax Dollars on bombing the sh*t out other nations somewhere around the globe.
    If we stop f*cking with them, they really won't have any reason to #### with us.
    I had a dream. I dreamt that one day the US will be a peaceful nation and the $1,000,000,000,000.00 we so far spent on the war in Afghanistan would have been used to help the American people, built schools, hospitals, streets, create jobs and a healthcare system that actually works.
    Is that a ridiculous dream or what?
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