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    UnIqUe got a reaction from JimmyHou in N-400 February 2015 Filers   
    I'm a U.S. Citizen today. I was in Paramount theater in Oakland at 8:45 am for 9:15am. The ceremony starts at 10:30 and ended at 11:10. We have a speaker of secretary of agriculture and so on. The new citizens and their friends and relatives were so happy to yell "wow". The woman who led for oath of allegiance said it was an amazing/happiest ceremony which she has ever seen. I registered for vote today and will apply for passport in few days.
    I'm done with USCIS.
    Thanks to you all who helped me and replied my posts during this journey.
    Good luck to you all.
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    UnIqUe got a reaction from JimmyHou in N-400 February 2015 Filers   
    My interview wasn't easy like other folks. The IO asked me tons of questions like have you arrested before, where and when and why even I don't have one. I paid the traffic citation last week and went DMV yesterday to have a 10 year history in case I need it. Yes, it is needed, the IO asked for the tickets and I handed over the dmv history and showed the receipts. She kept the original dmv record. Firstly she was mistakenly asked me is it DUI. I said No, that was a speeding ticket and she insisted me it is, there is a point in my history from my last ticket. After she opened and find out from the book (vehicle codes), she agreed. My last name and my kid last name are not same so I need a name change process. I thought that would be a breeze through naturalization. My wife wasn't with me and IO asked where is she and I said she was at work (even though I filed under 5 years rule IO still asked about marriage and resident members of my current home. Finally I got an approval recommendation from her after many struggling had been made. I am supposed to be happy 100% but I set it 90% only because of the impossibility of name change in naturalization. Sweat out!
    Good luck to all VJers who waiting for their interview.
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    UnIqUe reacted to Italian_in_NYC in traffic citation question   
    I asked this question to an IO at least 5/6 times.
    They said that the instructions are poorly written and that they don't care about traffic tickets, unless they led to an arrest.
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    UnIqUe reacted to warlord in traffic citation question   
    Actually the big downside is they will many times state that since you mentioned it you now have to show proof. So that mean having to re-trace your steps, contact the dmv's for history of the tickets which many people are finding can be quite time consuming.
    If you don't mention them there is no downside, the only thing that possibly might happen is they will want proof as well. This doesn't happen that often, but those disclosing tickets seem to have that occur a lot more.
    IO's and the USCIS both state you do not have to disclose them....
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    UnIqUe got a reaction from newbud in N-400 February 2015 Filers   
    Here's the links
    Instructions: http://www.uscis.gov/us-citizenship/citizenship-through-naturalization/naturalization-spouses-us-citizens
    Form : http://www.uscis.gov/n-400
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    UnIqUe got a reaction from Brother Hesekiel in Leaving the US after marriage?   
    You should file I-131 with AOS/EAD package (which cost you total $1010). In AP, you should write up "Family Emergency" in purpose of travel.
    See details : http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/249037-i131-help/
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    UnIqUe got a reaction from piscesforever in AOS Filers: February 2010   
    I have found out that once after I turned in my applications. That's why my EAD is delaying.
    You mean that you have seen one person whose case is same as mine, got EAD ?
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