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    we meet on tagged and something about Marie had me very drawn to her there was no picture of her at all just one of our nephew and I just kept asking to see her and she would say no she was not attractive I kept telling her that I needed to see her to make that call and she finely gave in and emailed me a picture of her and she was very beautiful and I told her she was very beautiful and we emailed for about a 2 months and finely we started to chat on yahoo and at about 6 months I asked her I would like to meet her in person and we set up a date but while we still talked even though she told me she loved me and I told her also so when I went to Iloilo we were married on Sept 3rd 2009. We have been married for 7 months now and we have only had a month together and I am getting ready to go back and see her at the end of April and be there for a couple of months this time and hopefully though the Grace of God and the prayers of our families we will be together here soon we have started the process for the visa and are waiting now.

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  1. husband sent my DS230 with all original documents they need 1 week ago but husband got a letter from NVC they said ....The NVC has received the requested Affidavit of Support form (I-864) for this case. However, we are still waiting for the Immigrant Visa Application (DS-230) and corresponding civil documents for each traveling applicant to be returned to National Visa Center for review. You will find the DS-230 form along with complete instructions for submitting the civil documentation req...

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    2. John & Marie

      John & Marie

      sad...getting delayed, GOD please help us.

    3. MJ&RJ


      Send back proof of the delivery of your DS-230 Packet to them such as a deliver receipt or tracking information. This is like an auto generation of request for the forms since they have processed the AOS and someone probably didn't input receipt of the DS-230. Don't worry it will get solved you will have to weight until Monday to speak to a representative.

    4. John & Marie

      John & Marie

      thanks, husband also will going to resend his AOS cz something wrong with it and he forgot to sign..so sad for us..GOD please help and guide us.. GOD Bless us all