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  1. No news on the OPTIN yet! Been 10 days...and the I-864 is ready to goooo!

    1. Saylin


      I hope you hear something soon! Do you have the DS-230 ready to go as well?

    2. MAlove


      I have all the paperwork. We still need to pay the bill and I need to go get passport photos done up. At a standstill for now....How was thanksgiving with your man?

    3. Saylin


      Yay for being prepared! Passport pics don't take long, so you're good to go. Sucks you can't do anything right now except wait for NVC to hurry their #### up.

      Thanksgiving was good :) We didn't eat turkey or anything, lol. Just celebrated my b-day at a Japanese restaurant. Nom nom. :D