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  1. Actually, we just checked, and yes, his father has a similar name as a fugitive terrorist.
  2. I'm not sure. I thought if they were refused it would be more clear-cut as to why.
  3. Yes, I'm the daughter-in-law. But, my husband put himself as the person paying for the trip.
  4. It is very confusing. We already emailed the consulate, so hopefully we get a response that will clear up this confusion. A letter written by my husband was included that said they would be staying with him in our home and he would be responsible for them, including financial responsibility. And yes, what they endured seemed more of an interrogation. They separated them from the start, so it couldn't have been a discrepancy in their application. And yes, I agree, they should have been provided with some kind of information about the decision.
  5. If you met these two people, they are the least suspicious of any people I have ever know. Simple people from the countryside who only want to visit their grandchildren. Ugh.
  6. It was listed on the form given, but no box was checked indicating anything was required. We are assuming we must submit the DS-5535.
  7. Exactly. If more documents were required, why would they not indicate which on the form? And every document listed was presented at time of interview. Except for the DS-5535.
  8. When is your mother's interview? His parents are Moroccan and live in Morocco. When they arrived, they were told to get new photos. Which was strange because they had new photos they physically brought with them. They also digitally attached photos to their petition. They left, got new photos and returned to Consulate. Once inside, they handed over their paperwork, which included the letter of support. I'm not sure what was reviewed. Then, they were separated and interviewed individually. Then, they were brought back together and interviewed together and asked the same questions. Then they were told to wait for the Chief. Then a clerk came out and handed them this form. That's all I know.
  9. My husband submitted petition for tourist visa for his parents and today they were rejected and handed a form. It was the 221g form and it was left blank with no indication of what, if any, paperwork they would need to submit. We did include a financial support letter., which they brought with them to their interview. Are you saying had we not submitted that letter of support, they might have been approved?
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