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    Manila Phils
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    books books books ;D

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    K-1 Visa
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    California Service Center
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    Jason and I met on MySpace Mobsters (an application game) and then we started chatting everyday on MSN. We started growing fond of each other as we found common interests.

    On August 29, 2009 he said on MSN chat:

    I know we haven’t met rl (real life) and we haven’t known each other for even that long. But I have to say this because it’s been on my mind for a few days... and i would love to make you my wife. I don’t even mind waiting for however long you would want to. But I have to say it right now I can’t keep it from you anymore... I LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU FOREVER

    (I was the happiest girl in the world that time lol)

    At first he planned on visiting by February 2009 but he ended up coming over November 2008. (He said it's too frustrating to even wait that long! lol)

    When I get my visa, he will come over to pick me up here in the Phils. and we will fly back together to Alaska for the wedding! YAY! :)

    [size=1][font="Trebuchet MS"]

    [color="#696969"]Met on MySpace: 2008 June
    Status: "In A Relationship": 2008 Aug 17
    He asked and I said YES: 2008 Aug 29
    J's first 10-day visit to Manila: 2008 Nov 05 [/color]

    I-129F Sent: 2009 May 28
    Check Cashed: 2009 Jun 01

    [color="#FF0000"]TOUCHED!: 2009 Jun 06[/color]

    I-129F NOA1: 2009 Jun 08

    [color="#696969"]10-day Second visit: 2009 Aug 12[/color]

    [color="#FF0000"]TOUCHED!: 2009 Aug 27[/color]
    [color="#FF0000"]TOUCHED!: 2009 Aug 28 [/color]

    I-129F RFE(s) :
    RFE Reply(s) :
    I-129F NOA2 : 2009 Aug 28

    [color="#FF0000"]TOUCHED!: 2009 Sept 1 [/color]

    NVC Received :2009 Sept 3
    NVC Left : 2009 Sept 8
    Consulate Received : 2009 Sept 8 - [color="#0000FF"] [i]electronic[/i][/color]
    Medical Exam: October 14, 2009 -clear-

    [b]Interview Date : OCTOBER 22, 2009 --[color="#FF0000"]APPROVED!! YAY!![/color][/b]

    Visa Received :
    US Entry : NOVEMBER 10, 2009 POE: Seattle, WA
    Marriage : [/font]

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  1. Hey I'm so happy for you!!! so are you in the States? you make me smile with the good new... God bless you guys!!

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