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    :) Getting through with this immigration process, what a nightmare! :( I miss my husband so much..... this just doesn't seem fair!

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    Ali and I met when I went to the Philippines to work for Earthlink. I was there 6 weeks. We meet on Feb 28, 2004 at 1031p at a club called VooDu. I couldn't take my eyes off him. About 3 days later he called a friend to get my room number, then called me to see if I would join him at a friends house for poker. :) LOL i placed my bet..... I went back to the US on April 1st. Earthlink layed off all the employees in the US. Worked out great for me! I packed up and moved to the Philippines to be with my honey, I arrived May 8th, we got married via civil ceremony on May 28th. Feb of 2005, we decided that we were ready to go to the US. I came back and my honey is back in Iran. Ali had his interview on 6-6-06 and he said it went well, however he is waiting for the FBI check to complete....

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