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  1. Congratulations Mister Jeeves.

  2. Update today - oath ceremony has been scheduled Almost a year, and the end is now in sight. Hurrah!
  3. Almost one year from filing, N-400 interview conducted today with recommendation for approval. Now the wait for the oath. Good luck, all.
  4. Yep, I'm also in the ATL camp and finally, on 12/21, my case went from "FP appt scheduled" to "In line for interview". It's progress!
  5. Still waiting for interview. Stuck at FP notice. I have a feeling there's a while to go yet.
  6. Still "FP Appt Scheduled"... ATL field office.
  7. Still "FP Appt scheduled" here; ATL field office. *sigh*
  8. Same here, ATL office. Filed Feb 14, biometrics on March 12, and online status still shows "FP appt scheduled". I think this gets categorized under the infamous name check delay. But who knows just yet.
  9. So much uncertainty! Glad to know I'm not alone, though. Hopefully the timing works well for you.
  10. Wow 😲 good for you. I'm in ATL and still in the "FP appointment was scheduled" zone. Hopefully you hear something soon.
  11. ATL office here - FP appt scheduled since 3/2; actual FP appt occurred 3/15, no movement since then.
  12. Still no movement here in the ATL. Still in the "FP appt scheduled" limbo since 3/1. *Sigh*
  13. Nice! Still no movement here and my priority date is 2/23. Hopefully I'll hear something soon.
  14. Priority date here is 2/23; still nothing