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    TomD reacted to Jojo92122 in B1 Visa for UP Graduate from Philippines   
    A B1 is not the appropriate visa to attend graduate school.
    Your niece would need an F-1 student visa.
    1.  Apply and be accepted to a US university.  She will need to show that she has the funds to pay international student tuition and living expenses for the average student (does not matter if she lives with you - still needs to show the funds for independent living since you are not legally obligated to support her).  The lack of funds is what usually ends people looking into a student visa for a niece.  She would likely need to show $40k or $50k in the bank for graduate school in the US.  Have you looked into international student tuition at the program that she is interested in?
    2.  US university accepts her into their program and issues I-20.  The I-20 is required in order to apply for an F-1 student visa.

    3.  Apply for F1 student visa and must show that she intends to return home after finishing her studies.  She would not be denied a visa based on age, sex, or marital status because it's illegal and there are plenty of young single women her age enrolled as international students in the US.  She would be denied for not showing that she is a serious student, lacks the funds, or can not overcome the presumption of immigrant intent.  
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    TomD reacted to Unlockable in B1 Visa for UP Graduate from Philippines   
    If she is seeking to attend college here in the US then a B1 (Business visa) is not the right visa for her. What she will need is an F1 visa.
    She will need proof of being accepted into a University and proof of being able to pay (usually by showing available funds to pay for tuition).
    Keep in mind that a F1 visa is NOT dual intent. That means it is not for people who intend on immigrating to the US. She is allowed to remain in the US as long as she is a student. Once that is over (or if she drops out of school), she either has to return to her country or find another means of keeping legal status in the US. 
    ETA: She will also not be authorized for work on a student visa.
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    TomD reacted to Cathi in Getting Sister in Law over on a B2 visa (Philippines)   
    Illegals have nothing to do with your sister in law not getting a visitor visa. People who abused their visitor visas by either overstaying or just never leaving are the people responsible for your sister in law not being able to obtain a visitor visa.
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    TomD reacted to Jojo92122 in Getting Sister in Law over on a B2 visa (Philippines)   
    Blame it on the visitor visa holders who abuse the system.
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    TomD got a reaction from shdwgrl in October 2010 Interviews   
    It was your husbands story that initiated this. I responded as I did because I though it was rather one sided. From what I read your husband sounded like someone who didn’t think he should be questioned as he was and he didn't like it one bit. I didn’t see it that way and I stated as much. If his attitude during the interview reflected what I saw in his written statement I can see why it went as it did. With regards to being on a High Horse. Although I grew up in Nevada I dont see it that way. I was in my view responding to negative in kind.
    From your response I see you didn’t care for my comments or thoughts. I am fine with that but I didn't make them for your acceptance. I am totally unaware of what security measure you had to go through but we have not gone through much at all that I can see. Just some minor police reports which were easy enough to obtain. I dont know of any true background checks.
    I find it funny that you are looking for some level of understanding or sympathy for your case yet you can’t resist using endearing terms like WIFEY and Negative Nancy… Well don’t worry this Negative Nancy’s wife will do just fine in her interview. I am sure she will be a little nervous but will not display any attitude toward the interviewer.
    My time here has been a little frustrating for sure but not stressful. My wifey has never so much as posted one iota of though on the VJ forum so her only stress comes from her work as she has no children or Ex's and is busy doing other things more important to her.
    Again Congratulation. Now that you have your VISA go forth and enjoy your marriage. Negative Nancy out…
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    TomD got a reaction from Heather&Matt in NVC filers for September 2010   
    I would guess lots of calls to NVC are silly and should not be made but people being what they are just clog down the system. Then those who have reasonable and legitimate issues have to wait because of the frivolous calls. I never called the USCIS and I have only called NVC to speak to a person 3 times. The rests of the time I just went to the AVR system... Some times I think we forget that we are also somewhat responsible for making this process as slow as it is.
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    TomD got a reaction from Zeban in March 2010 CR1 filers   
    Congrats to you Zeban,
    JD12 you're right and she has been dancing around VJ long enough to have all the steps down...
    Good Night all Sleep well and we shall see what hump-night has to offer us all. Oh that's Wednesday for those who dont know...
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    TomD got a reaction from Bleauwolf in DS 3032 Agent of Choice   
    Thanks Darnell, That was my read initially also. I even ask her if she was being coached. I just got a email back from her and she was totally frustrated. I think she is just melting down trying to do too much at work and not taking this VISA thing seriously. I am hoping I have calmed, take a leave of absence for a year from her job and focus on Visa situation but time will tell. If she cant see the light soon then I will withdraw my application.
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