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  1. are trying to buy a house and i'm SO over the stress!

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    2. kjmel38


      My husband & I, Just bought the House & now near in closing Date, what makes you Stress? Maybe I can help.

    3. VanessaTony


      stress = living with Tony's family. Nice enough people if you spend limited time with them.. exploitative, conniving, rude, disgusting (not flushing toilets & belching without excusing themselves), gossipy and just plain nasty people when you get to know them... I can't wait to get our own place and move out. Yeah it was nice to let us stay but I can only be treated as a slave for so long...

    4. VanessaTony


      p.s. closing date SHOULD be Aug 20th. I want it sooner!! Luckily we HAVE to have an appraisal done, also had a home inspection. I would hope they caught any lies... but ouch to the 25%!!

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