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  1. is pleased to announce that I start full time work on the 8th June 2011 :) Very excited :D My first interview too :D

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    2. Dayana&Luis


      Congratulation :)

    3. JulieNTodd


      Hi Vanessa&Tony, m preparing for the i-693 document. the medical record given to me by St Lukes states the result as: Vaccine History Incomplete" and underneath this was ticked: Applicant may be eligible for blanket waiver(s) because vaccination(s) not medically appropriate. do i need to get another vaccine? saw your location is in davenport, iowa. which clinic did you went to? i live in minnesota area. looking for a CS to do this. thanks :)

    4. VanessaTony


      I went to a CS in Houston Texas as that's where i was living when I did the I-693 transcription. Are you missing any shots? Please start a new thread and/or send me a PM rather than comments in my status as I might miss it :)

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