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    It was late December 2004 and I was bored and a little lonely so I decided to cheer myself up and watch some funny videos online. I remembered a website called <a href="http://rvb.roosterteeth.com/home.php">Red Vs Blue</a> and thought I would check it out.

    I remembered I had a profile on there already so I updated it with a few photo's and info. Then I started reading the forums. There was a thread simply named "Post pictures of yourself" so I posted one of me and called it a night.

    New Years eve came and again I was feeling down so I logged back into this site and went to the thread with my photo to see what other people were posting. Directly underneath my post was a guy looking at the camera with a very serious, stern face and it reminded me of the picture from A Clockwork Orange. So I sent him a message telling him so.

    This became one of the funniest conversations I have ever had. It was so easy and nice! He was in NC in the USA and me in Perth Australia. I thought nothing of it and that is was nice to talk to someone in a different place.

    Quickly we became fast friends. Emailing, chatting on MSN almost everyday. Then it became everyday, every waking minute! Then we realised, we were becoming more than friends.

    This scared me. He was 11 000+ miles away. This couldn't work. There was no way.

    But we couldn't stop talking to each other, it had turned into 8 hour phone conversations. Finally I decided if we were going to take it further I needed to meet him face to face.

    So in May 2005 I flew to the USA to stay with him for 2.5 weeks. It was wonderful! I had never clicked with someone like we did.

    He proposed to me while I was there and of course I said yes. Then I had to go back. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

    We planned for months for him to come to Australia and finally he arrived in December 2005. We planned to get married asap so we could start the immigration process in Australia. We had a small ceremony at the registry office and neither of our parents were there, which was sad.

    We lived together in Australia almost 3 years but I had no family nearby and he missed his family terribly. Plus the cost of living in Australia was putting alot of strain on us. Plus he had a house in the USA and we were renting in Australia.

    It took a long time but we finally decided to move to the USA. After being told by numerous people that I could enter on the VWP and apply from the USA we sold everything we owned and packed the rest of our lives into 8 suitcases and away we went.

    We arrived in Minneapolis customs and right away they knew something was up. We were taken aside and I was questioned for hours. I was in tears and so scared. But finally they allowed me & my son into the US on the grounds we would apply for AOS.

    So we were finally here. We filed for our AOS/I-130's in January this year and we are up to the interview stage. Out interview is this Monday the 6th July.

    Wish us luck!
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