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    Abder and I met online the first part of March, 09. He sent me a message to me on my My Space page. I thought he was cute and his message was nice, so I replied. (I dont usually reply to people out of the USA, but there was something about him that intrigued me.)

    We started talking on Yahoo IM and it became an every night thing, lasting 3-4 each night. He was so fun to talk to. The use of web cams helped a lot. We actually fell in love online.

    On May 23rd I went to Morocco to visit him and his family. It was wonderful. I was so welcomed by his family, I never felt awkward. We had the best time. He asked me to marry him one evening while we were sitting at an outside cafe. I said yes! Two days later we went to pick out rings and by that Friday, we had the Feast of Fiance. It was great.

    I had to come back to the USA on June 2nd, and I am now working on the K-1 Visa process to get him here. I have kids here, so I dont want to live there. We will go back to visit for our vacations.

    My 2nd husband died 8 years ago. I thought that I could never find another love like I had with him. This love with Abder is even better! I can't wait until we can be married and live together forever.
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