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    Marcos had always seen me on campus (Modesto Junior College) but he never came up to me. One important piece of information is the next:

    Marcos is a CASS student in the US. CASS meaning: Cooperative Association of State Scholarships. Basically, the US funds this program so that people from different countries come to study in the US. Marcos had a J-1 with the two year home residency requirement :( I knew most of the CASS students and was friends with them.

    OK, now on to how we met. jejeje. Ok, I had called Joel (one of my CASS friends that knows Marcos) to see how he was doing in his new apartment. Joel was talking to me when Marcos took the phone and asked who is this? Maria? I was like, no it's Maricruz, Joel's friend. He laughed and I laughed and then he gave Joel the phone. Afterwards I asked Marcos to be my friend on myspace. Then on September 7, 2007 I asked him and Joel to go bowling with my family and a couple of friends....so they get to meet different places. I knew it was love at first sight when I went to pick up Marcos. We played pool, bowled, ate and hadd so much fun. Marcos didn't eat because he had just pierced his lip that day. (I love the lip piercing!)

    We met again two days afterwards, Sunday, and knew that we liked each other a lot. After Sunday we were inseparable, until July 14, 2008 when his studies ended and he headed to Guatemala. I went to visit him January of 2009 for two weeks, and he met his beautiful daughter Jocelyn (born September 9, 2008).

    I started the k-1 process in October of 09 after getting my citizenship in August. Now I am impatiently waiting for our NOA2 and my next trip to Guatemala on the 18th of January :) I miss Marcos so much.

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  1. AOS complete! Now we wait to remove conditions :)

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