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    PSL, FL, USA
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    Well I am a Part time model , so I love anything to do with Fashion and Make up.

    I love Ballet, tap, jazz and Irish dancing. And the person I love most is my Fiancee Nick :) He is the reason I push myself to be better each day.

    I wish everyone the best luck with their visa's.



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    K-1 Visa
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    Vermont Service Center
  • Country
    United Kingdom
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    Well I had broken up with a previous boyfriend in the USA, and my poor puppy "Askim" was with this A** ex of mine. So I contacted Nick who I met on a dating website that week and he took Askim for me. On the first night he threw up (the puppy) on Nicks bed and Nick was not bothered by it in the slightest :) A true dog lover! I knew it was love right away :)
    Due to Nick being in the Navy things were not always easy, several occasions he couldn't come to the airport to meet me or collect me. And during the day I was home a lot in his apartment but it got better slowly. He has now left the Navy and relocated to his home town.

    Its been a long time since I have seen him and I cant wait to go back soon. :)

    12/31/2009 - Married
    01/08/2010- Mailed in AOS
    01/13/2010- AOS received and sent back due to missing signature
    01/22/2010- AOS arrives back at my house, signed, sent off again
    01/27/2010- Receipt number given, huzzahhh! NOA1
    01/29/2010- Money taken out :'(
    02/02/2010- Touch
    02/06/2010- Biometrics Appointment, 16th Feb at 2:00pm .... Also happens to be my 21st Birthday!!
    02/07/2010- Sent in Medical to Chicago office
    02/09/2010- Got a RFE for medical.....Sent reply letter 2 days earlier due to forgetting to include vaccination data.
    02/10/2010- Sent a 2nd copy of medical to MO office.
    02/16/2010- 21st birthday, Biometrics done, and a letter saying my case is on "hold" from the 7th of Feb, in a email...
    02/17/2010- Touch
    02/23/2010- Letter to congressman
    02/24/2010- RFE Received and processing resumed.
    02/25/2010- Case transferred to CSC
    03/24/2010- Work permit printed
    03/28/2010- Work permit received (After writing to the congressman...Again...)
    07/01/2010- Call to Senator about Green card, Call to USCIS, Nothing... Told to wait another 2 months and then possibly another 4 months.
    07/01/2010- Touch on I-485/Green card...
    07/02/2010- Second touch on I-485/Green card, No notifications....
    07/07/2010- Told at info pass that my application is being sent to west palm from CSC
    07/10/2010- Touch I-425

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  1. Did you get the visa yet? Best wishes from FTL

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