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    It is true that he has to prove that he is a USC (although permanent residents can sponsor I believe but don't quote me on that), so a copy of the birth certificate or a copy of all the pages of his passport.
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    Hello all, our petition was filed back in May 09 but neither of us has received anything in the mail since our final Notice of approval mailed in September 09. I’ve made numerous attempts in communicating with departments, most recently contacting the London consulate on a premium rate helpline and the National Visa centre but still no information could be found on our case. Instead we were told to wait as our file may still be processing. Over the weekend I realized that our Notice of Approval expired on January 21st 2010, so I decided to email both the NVC & London consulate a copy of the NO2 but I am extremely worried as so much time has already passed.
    Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.