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    landscape, gardening, music, aquarium, bicycling, guitar playing, attempting to learn Mandarin Chinese, finding old friends and classmates on Facebook etc!

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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    (the timeline of our relationship before we got married!)
    1/1/03 Jane and I met on a travel club on the Internet
    6/22/03 we meet in person for the first time as Jane flies to the USA
    10/5/03 Jane flies back to Taiwan after spending 3 1/2 months here
    5/22/04 I fly to Taiwan to meet her parents and spend 3 weeks there.
    6/12/04 We both fly back to the USA together.
    12/11/04 Jane flies back to Taiwan after six more months here.
    1/12/05 I arrive in Taiwan to marry her.

    (timeline of getting married and applying for Immigrant Visa)
    1/13/05 first morning go to AIT to obtain Single Certificate and deliver to MFA
    1/17/05 after two business days pick up Single Certificate from MFA and go to Taipei District Court to submit along with other documents required for marriage, and schedule marriage date.
    1/21/05 get married in Taipei District Court
    1/24/05 update Jane's Household Registry and Taiwan ID card
    1/25/05 submitted I-130 and G-325a at AIT, and received "Packet 3"
    1/31/05 pick up English translation of Household Registry
    2/3/05 dropped off English version of Household Registry at AIT, and had Affidavit of Support notarized.
    2/10/05 I flew back to USA

    (timeline of Jane getting ready for interview)
    2/21/05 Jane mails completed DS-230 and DS-2001 from "Packet 3" to AIT
    3/3/05 Jane recieves "Packet 4" from AIT (after only 8 business days!)
    3/17/05 Immigrant Visa interview date. Jane is told AIT will call her in a week.
    3/25/05 AIT calls and says "visa is done", you can come by next week to AIT, bring in your notice, and when you appear, we will Express mail it to you!
    3/29/05 Jane goes to AIT with the notice they had given her, and they say yes the visa has been approved, and they will Express mail it to her. She goes back home and gets a phone call from the Express mail company that day, asking her if she would like it delivered that day. She said yes. And they delivered it, she got it!

    (the timeline of Conditional Permanent Resident Status)
    9/18/05 Jane immigrates to the USA, arriving as Conditional Permanent Resident.
    7/23/07 We receive NOA, in receipt for applying for lifting of Conditional Status.
    8/2/07 Receive appointment for Biometrics (for 8/22)
    8/29/07 Receive RFE notice
    11/12/07 Submitted additional evidence to comply with RFE
    12/29/07 e-mail from USCIS: Card production ordered
    1/4/08 card received in mail!

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