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    Tygrys reacted to Transborderwife in Refused Entering after overstayed - Urgent help needed plsss   
    To be honest, I'm shocked that she was even let in at such an advanced state of pregnancy. Somebody should lose their job or be severely reprimanded.
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    Tygrys reacted to HFM181818 in Refused Entering after overstayed - Urgent help needed plsss   
    you cannot....not unless you first pay back the many thousands of dollars that US taxpayers spent on your delivery....your son's status as a US citizen will play no role in you obtaining a new tourist visa....you already ignored what was told to you (stay for 2 weeks), the taxpayers shelled out a lot of money, and now you want to be rewarded...it won't happen. Trust is hard to get, but easy to lose and even harder to regain. And B2 visas are all about trust. When a person violates that trust, merely saying 'sorry' or coming up with some excuse as to why the visa holder refused to comply with our laws and regulations or instructions won't restore that trust.
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    Tygrys reacted to milimelo in Multiple wives - what is the policy?   
    Only the first wife would get the immigrant visa -all others are sol.
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    Tygrys reacted to Lhanz0729 in Multiple wives - what is the policy?   
    Section 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act
    (a) Classes of Aliens Ineligible for Visas or Admission.-Except as otherwise provided in this Act, aliens who are inadmissible under the following paragraphs are ineligible to receive visas and ineligible to be admitted to the United States:
    (A) Practicing polygamists.-Any immigrant who is coming to the United States to practice polygamy is inadmissible.
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    Tygrys reacted to Transborderwife in woken up by immigration officers   
    Pregnancy doesn't speed up the process
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    Tygrys reacted to Ontarkie in K1 interview will be in 3 days... Now my fiance is not ready to get marry   
    It will give you time to figure out if he's just wanting you on the side, rather then having you as a wife.
    No matter how much you want this and love him it takes two to make this work.
    Take a real hard look for any other warning signs in your relationship. I have a feeling you have been ignoring some.
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    Tygrys reacted to Ebunoluwa in K1 interview will be in 3 days... Now my fiance is not ready to get marry   
    What if you make it here and he then changes his mind again ?
    It would be harder to leave the US and start all over again in your country.
    If he is not sure then I would just let it go and move on but that's just me.
    If you fight now you will fight when you are here, waiting for the work permit can get challenging, it's boring sitting in the house all day
    not being able to drive and all hell can break loose if he changes his mind then again.
    Believe him when he says he is not ready.
    It ticks me off when people file who aren't ready, this is not a 'dating' visa. All of a sudden they get cold feet. Meh !
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    Tygrys reacted to Transborderwife in Worried   
    It is the truth though and it is best to not work without one as one could get into a lot of trouble. We are free to express that on this forum as part of the TOS is not to aid and abet fraudulent or illegal activity. It does need to be declared in the process and would be smart to file back taxes.
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    Tygrys reacted to Pennycat in Why should K1 visa applicants get interview date before I-130 applicants!   
    Am I alone in thinking that it's perfectly fair that people who apply for the process where POE is Step 3 (instead of Step 4) get to POE in a shorter period of time?
    Think about it this way: the DMV provides both state-IDs and driver's licences (which can be used as state IDs, obviously). To get a driver's licence you must prove that you are legally present, a resident of the state, etc AND take a driver's test. There's no appointments for driver's tests for another two months. State IDs can be had same-day, as long as you prove your legal presence and your residence of the state.
    Paul wants a government issued ID as soon as humanly possible (I don't know, so he can buy beer. Paul likes beer). Paul also wants to be able to drive eventually. So, Paul ponies up $100 for the state ID, makes an appointment for his driver's test in a couple of months (when he'll pay $200 for the licence) and goes on his merry way.
    Sue also wants to one day be able to buy beer and have a driver's licence. She's not in as big of a rush as Paul on the beer, and her main priority is really the driver's licence. She figures she can wait to have an ID until she gets her driver's licences-- she'll kill two birds with one stone-- she'll save herself a trip to the DMV and save $100 in the process. She makes her appointment for her driver's test in a couple of months.
    Sue doesn't get to complain when she sees Paul hanging out at the bar. Paul didn't get the end result (driver's licence) any faster than she will. He got something different (state-issued ID) faster than she will get her driver's licence but that's because he applied for it and paid for it and she didn't. They will both wait 2 months for their driver's licence. If Sue wanted to be able to go out to the bar, Sue should have applied for a state-issued ID.
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    Tygrys reacted to Lemonslice in Why should K1 visa applicants get interview date before I-130 applicants!   
    K1 can't work. K1 can't travel freely. K1 have trouble getting their driver's licence. Each visa has its + and -.
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    Tygrys reacted to Transborderwife in Why should K1 visa applicants get interview date before I-130 applicants!   
    In short, k1s do t have a guaranteed green card upon entry to the USA. They have another hoop to go through in background checks. The first lesson of immigration: immigration is never fair. End of story. Instead of putting energy into complaining about it it's best to look for the positives.
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    Tygrys reacted to yuna628 in Why should K1 visa applicants get interview date before I-130 applicants!   
    But who are you to make that determination of someone's relationship being real or 'just for a green card'?
    See my K1 timeline? See how long that took? I can guarantee there are plenty of K1 couples that took even longer. For no understandable reason beyond the claim of 'backlog'. It wasn't due to background checks, or problematic cases, or poor paperwork, or even lost paperwork. It was due to the stupidity of the USCIS process. K1s don't go in front of you, they get processed by a completely different service center and undergo different methods. It may be frustrating that those persons may through whatever hardships they face in their own process get to be with their loved ones before you, but I assure you it is no less frustrating for them. A DCF is going to get through even faster, is their relationship less valid and should be slower?
    As a K1 we proved our relationship was real and genuine. The length of time we had known and been in a relationship with each other was vastly longer than probably the average couple, but this makes little difference to me. How do you define the love that someone has for each other based on the length of time you have known them? I cannot judge someone like that.
    Did it make me upset to see so many K1s get 'finished' months and months before mine? Sure, but I wasn't going to begrudge them their happiness or question the validity of their relationship. Did it make me further annoyed that despite all the lobbying, that when action was taken to rectify the processing times, it only helped those already at the front of the pack instead of those stuck in the back? Oh absolutely, but there is nothing you can do about it. Someone is always going to go in front of you.
    Do I agree it's a horrible and lengthy unfair process? Yes. But you're pointing fingers at the wrong place.
    And remember just because my spouse is now in the US with me, and you are still waiting, doesn't mean that we aren't still bloody waiting. There is no end in sight to the wait we're now enduring for AOS, a process you won't have to go through at all. We all want our loved ones here, and it's a shame how this process is... but it's not their fault. We've only the government to thank for it.
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    Tygrys reacted to aaron2020 in Son denied at US Embassy PI but approved by NVC (merged)   
    The NVC does not approve anything. You are mistaken that your son was approved for anything by the NVC.
    A grandchild can not be a derivative beneficiary. You can be a derivative beneficiary, but not your child.
    The US Embassy is correct.
    Come to the US with your immigrant visa. Get your green card. Establish ties to the US with a bank account, state ID, and file US tax returns. Petition for your child. Get a 2 years Re-Entry Permit. Go back home to care for your child. Return to the US within the 2 years of your Re-Entry Permit. Get another Re-Entry Permit if you need to. When your child gets an immigration visa, return to the US with the child.

    How about offering a solution instead of being mean?
    Your post is worthless and hurtful.
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    Tygrys reacted to Khal_Drogo in Husband wants to divorce me days after getting his citizenship.   
    So this is just me speaking from a military standpoint, but I would advise you contact the FBI or DHS immediately; I can't tell you how many times a jihadi in the desert was found with a valid U.S. passport after planting an IED.
    Disclaimer to that: I do not believe that all people from the Middle East or Muslims are out to harm anybody or are terrorists. But his behavior is very typical of our enemies from that area; the "he hates your race" pinged me very hard as a red flag because I have heard that exact thing happening before with people that turned out to be enemy fighters. So just an FYI.

    That being said, I would introduce him to the American way of life real quick; kick his butt to the curb. Take the bed, take the house. Is your name on the lease/mortgage/deed? If so, I would go get a restraining order against him and get the Sheriff to make sure he gets out of the house. He wants to play the game? Well, you got moves to, I suggest using them to the fullest extent.
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    Tygrys reacted to NikLR in Husband wants to divorce me days after getting his citizenship.   
    I would have left a long time ago. I wouldn't have allowed it to get that far. And if I had, I would just tell him to leave. Keep the house, and tell him to leave if that's what he wants. Hurt. Cry. Get a job. Move on. You CANNOT change anyone but yourself. Pick yourself up, say "lesson learned" and move on. Living in the past will never get you towards the future. You have a child. You need to think about THEIR future now.
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    Tygrys reacted to Ebunoluwa in Husband wants to divorce me days after getting his citizenship.   
    I would divorce, move on and get him for child support and not waste one more minute on him. That's it.
    If it were me I would have done the above 3 years ago.
    You need counseling if you were a victim of domestic violence so you can learn ways to empower yourself and move
    forward into a new way of life.
    IF his citizenship would be revoked then YOU would be responsible for him, do you realize that ?
    IF he would be deported YOUR CHILD would not get support.
    Do yourself a favor and move forward to a brighter future which does not depend on his status.
    Let it go.
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    Tygrys reacted to NikLR in Husband wants to divorce me days after getting his citizenship.   
    Get a divorce. I have zero idea why you'd still be married to a man after spending 3 years on a couch.
    Be happy you're not on the hook for the I-864 anymore.
    Move on with your life. ASAP.

    Unless you can prove that he forged your signature, which is fraud, there likely isn't much you can do against him.
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    Tygrys reacted to IcezMan_IcezLady in ESTA and B@ Visa   
    Dang!! The woman is trying to do it legally. Some people came here quietly on VWP knowing very well they plan to marry,adjust and stay while other just stay here illegally. But OP's mum is trying to go through it the right way.Cut her some slack.
    If your mum has stronger ties back home and she has compelling reasons why 3 months (from the VWP) won't meet the amount of time she needs to accomplish whatever she is coming here for, she might get a visa. Older people rarely get tough time. She should be honest and if it doesn't work out..she can just use the VWP and make use of the 3 months.
    Good luck to her.
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    Tygrys reacted to yuna628 in May not receive K1 in time for wedding - please help!   
    Okay wow..
    You've filed for a K1 but you don't intend to live in the US with your spouse once you have married them for a few years? This is certainly legal to do. You obtain the K1, marry within 90 days and return home. But guess what? You will not be able to return to the US and live with your spouse in the future unless you then obtain a marriage/spousal visa. This process not only will cost additional fees but takes an even more lengthy amount of time then K1 does. If you're okay with that, right?
    Since you have already started the K1 process, and paid the fees, it seems rather silly to not continue on this path.. just bear in mind what you're going to have to do in the future to live together. If you applied in Feb baring no complications, it is foreseeable that your August wedding is viable but not a guarentee, though anything is possible, and this is why the government specially warns you NOT to make wedding plans until visa is in hand or is directly necessary. You're on the government's timeline and not your own here. If you have to cancel a big wedding, you have to cancel it. A lot of persons get married at a courthouse when they have their visa, and hold a big wedding at a later date. An additional thought here is that once the person has the visa, they have 5 months from the date of their medical to enter the US, meaning if needed to make bigger plans a wedding can be delayed.
    The other ideas are kind of dubious at best here and I don't think work to your advantage.. You have some tough choices to think about here.
    Keep in mind you are being processed at California Service Center, which is still moving speedy these days. There's the rest of the process to complete once you get an NOA2, which can be done within a few extra months onto the timeline.
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    Tygrys reacted to Boiler in I am suffering from shock. Please help me   
    Sounds like there is a lot more to this than you have shared.
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    Tygrys reacted to NikLR in I am suffering from shock. Please help me   
    How is anyone supposed to know that with the very little back story you've provided plus a complete lack of timeline?
    Carrying on, you should divorce, and provide proof that you entered the marriage in good faith. Co-mingling of finances is the best. Affidavits from his family and friends would also be helpful if you can, since you have very little evidence. Submit anything from inception of marriage. Even submitting proof from before marriage would be a good idea to show you had a genuine relationship.
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    Tygrys reacted to JFH in Expedited IR1-CR1 (merged)   
    $120k tax bill accrued in just a few months? What business is this? Microsoft? I'm wondering why he only has 3k in the bank if the two if you have "made millions" in the past. That will barely last to the end of the month. You should have prepared for the rough patches by putting some of the millions aside. Is he seeking help for his mental health issues? We all here know about being apart. We could write the book on that. If he's having mental health issues from being apart for a few weeks there seems to be a much bigger problem somewhere.
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    Tygrys reacted to Anh map in Expedited IR1-CR1 (merged)   
    If he's not current on a payment plan with the IRS it's likely that his petition won't be approved.
    He needs some help for his business, or to shut it down and find a job. You being there won't necessarily improve anything. The consular officer isn't a business analyst. No doubt they would be sympathetic to his situation, but it may not be relevant to the immigrant petition.
    A failing business is tremendous amount of stress. Unfotunately it seems that it has created a significant roadblock that an expedite can't overcome. He needs to sit down wih his accountant and figure out the best course of action. Closing a business is like a divorce. It's painful but survivable.
    It won't hurt the case to ask for an expedite. But there may be a larger problem.
    Best of luck.
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    Tygrys reacted to Nich-Nick in Could use a little help and advice please   
    The petition requirements are--
    You are a U.S. Citizen (check)
    You are both free to marry (check...after she turns 18)
    You intend to marry (check)
    You have met in person (check...after her visit)
    Phone records, Skype, rings, etc are not actually required. You need passport stamps, boarding passes, and hard documentation putting her in the US in your town or both of you together in another town to prove the meeting. Take a photo holding a newspaper with a date. Get creative.
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    Tygrys reacted to Happytobe in I think my friend is falling victim to marriage fraud. Advice?   
    Just a few talking points:
    - it can take between 3-6 weeks to marry in Morocco if one is not prepared.
    - the Consulate does not like to see that things have been kept secret from friends and family. If they suspect fraud, they won't approve. (I've been there and done that with my ex, thankfully they denied him)
    - the nicer hotels won't rent one room, typically, without papers.
    - the process takes, as others have said, upwards of 1 year after initial filing. A lot can happeluckiln in 1 year.
    - do fraudsters get through the Consulate? sure, they can't protect everyone all the time; some people are better than others at manipulations
    - do legitimate couples get denied? sure, happens all the time
    - my scammer ex and I met online - luckily, the Consulate smelled something fishy
    - my husband and I met online, and we are happy as can be. My family loves him, and his loves me
    - could he be scamming her? sure. Could he be legit? Sure. She's going to do what makes her happy now. Love does crazy things to people. She's got to experience this herself. The more people that told me my ex was trouble, the more I wanted to prove them wrong. You asked if people get through being scammed.... Yes, we do, but having a friend there who had my back, no matter what, really helped. If things don't work out for her, don't do the whole "I told you so" and if things do work out for her, be happy for her. My husband and I used to Skype everyday, multiple times. We even Skyped with each others families. We really did get to know each other well. Have there been people who got fooled, even with modern day technology? You bet!
    I wish her the best, and I hope you can continue to be a good friend for her,
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