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    reading, online pool, making a home, waiting for my hunni
    8-17-09 #298 Berk's List
    8-23-09 277 B's
    8-27-09 266 B's/253 I's
    9-02-09 240 B's/316 I's
    9-10-09 199 B's/274 I's
    9-14 184 B's/254 - 116/245
    9-15 110/239
    9-16 101/231
    9-18 93/220
    9-19 83/211
    9-21 78/204

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    K-1 Visa
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    Vermont Service Center
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    United Kingdom
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    11-5-07 Met online Yahoo MFN online pool league we both have been members fo ryears and it wasn't until this date, i had courage to go to his practice table and say "hi" - we talked on line, made a few phone calls and planned on him coming to Texas to visit. I planned a BBQ party in Dallas, TX for the members of our league. The BBQ was on 6-29-09. I picked up John the day before the BBQ and seeing him come down that escalator after 7 months of wanting to see him face to face, I couldn't hold it in any longer, I broke down and cried, ran to his arms and kissed him firm on the mouth! He misted up too (dawww) and my friend that was with me enjoyed seeing us so happy to see each other. 20 people showed up and good time and good food was shared by all!
    6-28-08 Met in person Austin, TX
    6-29-08 BBQ in Dallas the rest of his week here, we hung out at home, visited local sites, went to Mt. Bonnell, The Oasis and many restaurants lol
    7-10-08 John went back to UK to prepare filing papers in England for his release from captivity lol (jk)
    9-8-08 His Divorce papers are filed - this took 6 months to finalize!! oh em gee!!
    9-29-08 He asked me to marry him I said yes of course!
    10-6-08 Picked up engagement ring at a local shop in Cedar Park Texas. Love it!
    11-5-08 1 yr Anniversary (miss him so much!)
    3-11-09 Nisi date
    4-23-09 JOhn Divorce Absolute Granted
    5-28-09 John arrived in Texas for 2 Fabulous Month visit!
    6-16-09 Filed packet 1 for Visa and received NOA1 2-3 days later
    6-19-09 received NOA2
    7-28-09 John returns to england while we wait on the Visa
    9-21-09 I-129F Approved 95 days from NOA1
    11-16-09 (5 mos since NOA 1)
    2_12_10 filed for AOS/EAD and AP
    7-13-2010 interview for AOS in San Antonio TX
    7-23-10 Approved rec'd 551 stamp and go back in 2 years

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  1. Congratulations on your approval Wendy!!!!! :D I'm so happy for you!!!! Your John will be coming home VERY soon!!! :)

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