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    SuperDuper! got a reaction from Lucky_Mimi in Is the phone u use in the philippines will work in US with roaming sim card?   
    What you want to do, is keep your phone. Get an international roaming SIM from Globe or Smart, activate it before leaving to US, and then get a Chikka.com acct, and then you can text back and forth to the PI for cheap. You can reload your card with Aryty.com
    Then, when you go back to the PI to visit, you will have a phone to use right away when you land.
    It's better to just get a new phone in the US, because then you won't be limited to a certain carrier that might have poor or no coverage in your area.
    Buy your family member another phone, if it makes you feel bad to keep your phone.

    Edit: Your phone will need to be a tri-band or quad band to do this in US.
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    SuperDuper! got a reaction from Icebaby1980 in How to avoid the Sputum Test nightmare   
    I understand your response. However this is not what I was suggesting.
    What I am saying is to get a sputum test 3 months or so ahead of the SLEC medical just to see if there is a problem in the lungs, and if so, Pinay can take meds and get cleared up prior to her SLEC medical.
    Like taking a practice test, before the real test. Are sputum tests expensive at a private clinic in Phils?
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    SuperDuper! got a reaction from PRC Rabbit in Don't want to get married anymore....   
    It is a 90 day buffer zone, where the foreign bride begins her adaptation period to the USA and her new man. There are TOO MANY cases seen on this board, where the relationship implodes prior to the 90 day marriage deadline period. Sorry you don't see it that way, but if you were a man whose Filipina flipped out on him, stole money, went out with other guys, by day 55, and then you could send her back home by day 60, then maybe you would have a different perspective. Oh, and to quote a guy who did CR1 Visa, and had the latter happen to him, "Gee, I wish I had a 90 day K1 Trial Period. "
    Best wishes to you, though.

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    SuperDuper! got a reaction from Snag in VJ member about child's death in Vietnam   
    No matter what country my child is in, If he were sick, I would admit him immediately to the FINEST hospital in the land, no matter what the cost or how much overtime I would have to work.
    I would NOT wait around for the consulate to decide my child's life or death fate if he's ill.

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    SuperDuper! got a reaction from del-2-5-2014 in Fraud wife being removed from US   
    Congratz, OP. Now just wait for the usual suspects here to chime in and say, "You can't just send her back to the store like a pair of pants that don't fit." Yes you did.
    Here's to your new fresh start! Good luck on all that follows!

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    SuperDuper! got a reaction from user19000 in He tried to kill himself   
    But each person is different. It chaps my hide when people impose one's standards upon another. We are all different, and what works for one person, will not work for another. If someone's love relationship goes bad, then just maybe a new and exciting love relationship is JUST what the doctor ordered.
    And yes, I am speaking from personal experience, and it worked for me. To hear people drop this, "It's better if you wait a year or two before you start another relationship. You need time to heal." Even therapists hand out that garbage. Only each person can say what is best for them and what will help them move on in life. Maybe healing comes from being with the right person who gives you mad love. Pffft.
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    SuperDuper! reacted to Tough_Era in Lesson Well Learned   
    My fiancee knows that already cause i'm honest not only with vj memebres but everyone
    I told her i was looking at her breast in seconds but not in sexual intention or something.. i found out i was looking into her breasts because i was lost in thinking then i up my eyes and looked at her.. i hope she didn't get offended indeed she has no breasts.
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    SuperDuper! reacted to RFQ in Lesson Well Learned   
    Did you know all the answers to her questions? If i was interviewing I'd probably mess a couple of those up.
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    SuperDuper! reacted to Trompe le Monde in "Chinese Women, Please Don't Sleep with Foreigners"   
    So basically the bar for expectations from sex is pretty low for Chinese women and it's not too hard to exceed them? I see....
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    SuperDuper! reacted to Tintin and Mike in Forum Bullies...   
    Is it just me or some seasoned members here are only up to humiliate the newbies?
    I've noticed that there are quite a few members here that just like to call out other people who doesn't exactly answer OP's question and sadly they're the seasoned members. I understand that sometimes this could confuse the OP even more but it could not be avoided most of the time but was that even necessary? As a fairly new member and still learning the ins and outs of the process, it's intimidating to add comments sometimes. You'll never know who will pop up to humiliate you. We're all here to learn from each other and not to show who's smarter and point out who has no absolute idea what they're getting into. Just sayin'....
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    SuperDuper! reacted to Rob & Monika in Girlfriend   
    The K-1 process alone costs close to $2000, then to cost to move here... if you can't afford to meet, you can't afford the K-1.
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    SuperDuper! reacted to AF-Wife in Lies and deception. Be aware, please!   
    Mojority of forgein marriages are fraud? I get sick when i hear comments like that ... Sorry, but you have been misinformed! The majority are real, but there are also a few fraud ones, mostly from the same countries.
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    SuperDuper! reacted to Thomas&Cleofe in Lies and deception. Be aware, please!   
    I am so sorry this happened to you and I hope you will be able to heal quickly.
    But If you think this is an international marriage problem only, then you are mistaken.
    This kind of thing happens domestically everyday.
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    SuperDuper! got a reaction from I AM NOT THAT GUY in Cannabis smoking 'permanently lowers IQ'   
    But he brings it upon himself. Never, not once has he ever budged from biased, baiting perspectives. IE, never even hinting at being fallible.
    Everyone else is but a mere mortal and wrong.

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    SuperDuper! got a reaction from TnJ in Immigrant wife entered marriage in bad faith   
    Bitter much?
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    SuperDuper! reacted to del-2-5-2014 in Immigrant wife entered marriage in bad faith   
    No, it's here in California and Texas.
    One friend called in California and was told by San Bernadino Sherrifs that they couldn't compel him to vacate his residence.
    I personally called in Texas and was told by the slack jawed yokel local Costabulary basically the same thing. I'v eseen it also on Cops hence my understadning.
    On the other hand, in Nigeria for $20 they will not only help you get her out but will also put her in jail for making them have to come out.
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    SuperDuper! reacted to Anh map in Immigrant wife entered marriage in bad faith   
    If you want to pursue thing with ICE, pick up the phone and call. Don't wander around VJ building up support. Take your shot with reporting it. That's the only way to know if what you have as evidence is going to make be sufficient. My understanding is that you have to present a strong case for ICE to expend energy.
    Also, divorce and move on from the marriage. Trying to exact some sort of "payback" is ultimately a waste of good energy.
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    SuperDuper! got a reaction from del-2-5-2014 in Divorce after 1 month in US....Long-sad-story   
    Happy Bunny, shame on YOU for trying to apply YOUR standards to another person. First, YOU are a woman, attempting to give advice to a MAN. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Men and women are wired differently. Men are able to quit one relationship,and jump to another with amazing results. Women are not usually able to do this, so please don't give female advice to men.
    Johnny is doing the right thing, so don't try to bring him down for trying to find peace, love and happiness in his life. There is NO time to waste. Everyday counts. Maybe ONE day, you will discover this as well. Peace.

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    SuperDuper! reacted to ^_^ in Why Do Men Have Such Trouble With Intimacy?   
    Stop trolling, you're too transparent.
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    SuperDuper! reacted to Mithra in Abusive Relationships   
    Not only difficulties for you, possible difficulties for others as well. Willingly importing an abuser is basically bringing a criminal into the country. Someone who will not only abuse you but perhaps your children, your parents, other women...you get the idea.
    Maybe we should discuss some of the warning signs to look for in case actual physical abuse hasn't taken place in the home country. Of course, if actual hitting, beating, slapping, pushing, etc. has taken place in the home country, it WILL continue in the US. It's not the country making the person abusive, it's the actual person that is abusive. If anyone thinks culture makes one abusive, what makes them think that will be left behind in the home country?
    Also, I can't even begin to count how many abuse cases we've had in this forum in the past 6.5 yrs I've been a member here. Almost all of them stay with their abuser or go back at least one more time after leaving. It's so frustrating to become emotionally invested just to see the victim return to their abuser.
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    SuperDuper! reacted to msheesha in Abusive Relationships   
    Recent posts have reminded me that some people view abuse as a cultural phenomenon, or something that will be resolved under the right circumstances (like living in America).
    So, this is something of a plea to anyone who has been hit or treated poorly by your spouse/fiance still living in their country - LEAVE HIM THERE! Do not fool yourself into thinking that he won't beat or mistreat you in America, or it's just the stress of living in his homeland that leads him to beat you. If he's beaten you in his home country and you are safely in America- PLEASE LEAVE HIM IN HIS COUNTRY! It will not go away here.
    I'm sure none of us want to judge anyone going through a difficult and/or abusive situation, even when it's hard to understand how anyone would petition for someone who's physically fought/abused/mistreated them in the home country. But, please if any of the VJ members are in this situation and the guy isn't here in America, please don't bring him here; it will only lead to more difficulties for you.
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    SuperDuper! reacted to Moomin in I am pregnant and the green card still in process   
    Have you tried to contact USCIS and put in a service request/ask what's going on? Have you had your biometrics appointment? 1½ year seems like too long to not hear anthing, or not to do anything.
    Being pregnant may be seen as a pre-existing condition by the insurance company. Your husband needs to read the policy.
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    SuperDuper! reacted to AmyWrites in Question for those who were scammed...   
    I'm not in this situation as my husband has never had an interest in living in the US, heck we'd stay in Moscow if we could.
    What I've noticed here is a few patterns: a. old hot guy brings a tight-bodied girl he could've fathered or grandfathered, then gets pissed off that she doesn't want him or is a golddigger b. arranged marriage failures (I'm not against them, just saying what I've seen) c. American person gets duped by someone from the developing world who is from a culture that is rife with poverty and lack of opportunities or has a very anti-women/religious/etc culture where love comes secondary to necessity. Of course it can be a combination of a few of these, or something different.
    What does irk me is people who quickly call "scam" on a marriage/engagement that simply dissolved. A big problem with the US immigration system is that unless you live abroad with your partner or he/she is from a VWP country, you have very, very little time physically together, so then when you actually live together things might be very different than what you thought they'd be, so you fall out of love. I don't think that's a "scam", I think that's simply an unfortunate consequence of a very unfair process that puts a strain on even the best and strongest relationships.
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    SuperDuper! got a reaction from del-2-5-2014 in Best time to file AOS   
    The best time to file for AOS is ASAP, or soon after you are married. OTOH, there are some cagey types who will chime in with the predictable and hackneyed expression, "There is no time limit for filing the AOS." That is the least helpful statement known to mankind. Because with that approach, why didn't they just wait 5 or 10 yrs to file the AOS? Obviously, there would be trouble with the USCIS is you waited indefinitely to file AOS. For this reason, a petitioner must save up ahead the $1010 needed to file, so he needs to lump in the cost of the K-1 and AOS, and be prepared and keep the ball rolling. Good luck to you, OP for doing just that!

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    SuperDuper! reacted to Elora & Rob in Atheist Acceptability on the Rise in America   
    I have always found athiests care more about pushing there point of view than people of faith.
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