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  1. Do I have to set an appointment? Or not anymore because my daughter is already a US citizen? ”..in order to process your Permanent Resident Card...”. thanks
  2. My wife and kid arrived last 2016. And I applied a US passport for my 8y/o daughter after a couple of weeks and received her US passport after a couple of months. She went to my country from the past few months with her mom for a vacation this year and came back after a few weeks. No issues or anything in the immigration. And now, I received a letter from DHS USCIS contains: Addressed to my daughters name; “The texas service center has not received your Department of State issued Immigrant Visa Packet which should have been submitted by the Port of Entry (PoE) when you entered the US. The Texas service center will require a completed Lost Visa Pocket in order to process your permanent resident card. In order to get the packet completed you must visit your local district office....” I don’t quite understand, my daughter is already a US Citizen because she already have a US passport. Do I have to submit the immigrant visa packet myself or is it supposed to be shown or taken from their (wife and child) point of entry or arrival last 2016? Was this letter a mistake?