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    Hi, i hope you guys could help me with this one... i received a notice from USCIS just yesterday about request for applicant to appear for initial interview on may 25, 2006. Is this the real interview for AOS approval or should i expect another interview date? And there are questions about what to bring, coz i've been here in the US for only about 3 months and we've been married for only 2 months and when it comes to joint account, utility bills and lease agreement it is in my husband's name. What we got so far is medical insurance from TRICARE,my military id card stating im a spouse of an active military personnel so i can get into the base. And i still havent got my EAD approval too. Here's our time line for our application process
    2-02-2006 arrived in the US
    2-21-2006 got married
    3-16-2006 mailed the AOS and EAD to USCIS
    3-17-2006 USCIS received the packets
    3-21-2006 received NOA for AOS and EAD
    3-24-2006 received NOA for biometrics and fingerprinting on april 7, 2006 for my AOS and EAD
    4-07-2006 did my biometrics and fingerprinting
    4-19-2006 NOA for request for applicant to appear for initial interview
    ... no news for my ead yet...
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