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    Hi, everyone!
    Sorry I'm a little late posting an update. I had a rather busy week last week and didn't get a chance to do so until today.
    Anyways, some of you may remember that I was waiting for my green-card to arrived. It was getting worryingly close to being the 60 days that USCIS say to allow for it to arrive. I'd received my approval letter, and nothing since.
    Then on Thursday June 13th, I got several emails from USCIS informing me that my greencard production had been ordered. On the 14th I received another email to inform me that it had been mailed to me. There was tracking information included, but something must have gone wrong with the information because I didn't get a proper tracking number. I tried it at USPS anyways, and didn't get any matches.
    But, no need to worry. My green-card arrived on Monday, June 17th. It was sent via Priority Mail. No signature or anything required. The mailman just left it for me in the mailbox.
    Anyways, hope this update proves useful for anyone still waiting. I do hope those that have had to wait for their green card will receive theirs soon.
    Thanks to everyone here for all your support with the immigration process. I'll try to stop by here from time to time, and obviously will be posting again when it comes time to apply for citizenship.
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