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    sjr09 reacted to rlogan in Fiance visa denied   
    This is a perfect example of why the law is so stupid. There isn't any logic here on how disallowing this marriage prevents "human trafficking". What it actually does is eliminate a means of impoverished women to escape prostitution by getting married and immigrating.
    Look too how people are claiming pornography over the internet is prostitution. Hogwash. Playboy centerfolds are not prostitutes. They are not only highly paid in this country, but prized as "trophy" wives. Same thing for all the soft porn superstars like Victoria Secrets models, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and so on. Somehow that transparent micro-thin layer of cotton hiding nothing as a practical matter makes them angels whereas the poor Filipina doing the same thing is a filthy animal. What is really going on is bigotry. Poor brown colored people cannot do what the rich white girl can do.
    Although it is a tragedy, this girl made a big mistake by not telling the OP until recently. You do not have the right to conceal such a major issue and get the person really deeply involved in the relationship before this little "Oh, by the way I was already denied entry" revelation. This is a lie by omission, and you were lied to by the other people who concealed this as well.
    This is a pretty cruel way to treat people. Think about how you felt when you discovered this. All of them knew what it would put you through, but they did it anyway. Why? Because they wanted to get you hooked first so that you would feel guilty for leaving her. This guilt-trip was consciously thought through by all of them. It demonstrates they do not respect you. The stupid little dupe who is not in on the secret everyone else knows until... "surprise!" So let me guess - she cried and showed all kinds of emotion when discussing this with you, right? Crocodile tears. Part of the design to manipulate you emotionally. That is also cruel - make you feel bad for her lying to you!
    But if she (and they) already did this to you now, then they have already proven what they are capable of in the future. I would prefer meeting a prostitute that was honest with me up front and proved she isn't going to lie to me. I'd say forget about this one, and explain to her why. She lied about something too important. Next guy she meets she's got to be honest from the beginning and let that guy enter into the relationship with a problem, but not a problem of dishonesty.
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    sjr09 reacted to Enigma11561 in Fiance visa denied   
    Although you have talked to this woman, her family and so forth, you have never met her in person. It has been nothing but talk. You really do not have any kind of real relationship. And now you are facing some severe immigration issues which may not be overcome. I would stop trying to be the "I will save you,I am your hero, type of guy" and find some one else who does not have all this baggage. There are thousands of decent women over there who would love to find a nice guy like you. Maybe it's time to just move on?
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    sjr09 got a reaction from C-ma'am in Fiance visa denied   
    Or? Speculation.
    She worked in a bar, bar’s are often associated with prostitute in the PI even if she was not involved, the embassy is well aware of this and often view the beneficiary as undesirable.
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    sjr09 reacted to Bophany in Fiance visa denied   
    Great question,,as what you said the taking care part..Try to mingle more them and u will know how filipinos so great...
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    sjr09 reacted to Bumbero in Fiance visa denied   
    That's a great question to start another topic on!
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    sjr09 got a reaction from Penguin_ie in Fiance visa denied   
    Or? Speculation.
    She worked in a bar, bar’s are often associated with prostitute in the PI even if she was not involved, the embassy is well aware of this and often view the beneficiary as undesirable.
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    sjr09 reacted to sandranj in Heartbroken, she left me   
    You were scammed! Divorce and move on. You need some therapy because after everything she had done you would take her back then you really need some help. Good luck.
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    sjr09 reacted to Jahwaree in Heartbroken, she left me   
    Buddy U need to move on, this lady had plan to have U support her and U was her ticket to the US .This is not about listening, she had a well laid out plan and now puts it in action, Y U wanna continue giving her medical? get a divorce, wish her well and move on , its over and 4get about sucide, the are many nice lonely professional single females in the NY area....good luck
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    sjr09 got a reaction from marklovetina in CFO and K2   
    Google works!
    Registration and Pre-Departure Services FAQ
    All Filipino emigrants leaving the country to settle abroad permanently are required by law to register with CFO. No one is exempted from pre-departure registration.
    But the following are not required to attend the pre-departure orientation seminar and to be personally present during the registration (they can also be registered by proxy):
    * Minors 12 years old and below
    * Senior citizens 60 years old and above
    * Those with mental illness or psychiatric disability, and incapacitated due to permanent or long-term ailments
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    sjr09 reacted to toastedpancake in How Long Before Filing   
    Comments above were right.I just want to add something, its not about how LONG you know each other but how MUCH you know about each other. Like spend more time together and continue contacting everyday. Know each other well first
    Goodluck to both of you!!!
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    sjr09 reacted to canadian_wife in Fiancée of US citizen wishes to enter on F-1 Student Visa: Is this allowed?   
    So it sounds like you are using the F-1 visa to get her to the US to immigrate, which is visa fraud. It carries a lifetime ban.
    Your way of going about this seems really tricky and slighly dishonest. I wouldn't pursue it. If your goal is to have her get her green card, then file now for a fiance visa. but it looks like she won't be starting in the fall for school
    goog luck
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    sjr09 reacted to rlogan in My K1 Visa filipina wife left me and is cheating on me..   
    This is the girl who said she did not want to come in the first place, not just the topic of one thread but at least two. One of which was whether he was being paranoid with her complete lack of enthusiasm. Right before coming here they were in a big fight over who was paying an $11 cab fare. Then after she came she hated it, moved out immediately, and wanted to go home.
    But the OP would not pay for her ticket. He insisted she stay, marry him, and work it out. So she was going to the consulate to have them help her get home. Within weeks of that they were apparently married and he was back on visajourney asking for adjustment of status advice.
    It is little wonder this one didn't work out. The OP is still in denial. She was figuratively dragged down the aisle with her heels dug in. There is no room for complaining about her leaving, finding a boyfriend, and applying for means-tested benefits. Those are her rights and the OP is obligated to reimburse the state for them. I do not relish the suffering of someone, even when they have been in such amazing denial. But these were the choices made, and the consequences he agreed to. He insisted on them.
    The lesson others have to learn is that the affadavit of support actually means what it says. Don't go into a marriage when the woman is saying she doesn't want to come here in the first place, wants to go home when she gets here, moves out, and literally pushes you away when you try to give affection. Do not sign an affadavit of support and then come back saying you don't feel it is your obligation. I have made big mistakes in my life but owned up to them and looked in the mirror for who was responsible.
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    sjr09 got a reaction from Vicomi in DIVORCE 6 times.   
    I think everyone, or most are attempting the impossible our life experience, commonsense and logic can't penetrate the thick skin of ignorance. The OP seem to think everything is okay with her SO past marriages, according to what 'he's' told her. Young and naive she is but I feel we are whipping a dead horse.
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    sjr09 reacted to apple21 in No Immunization Scars   
    SLEC will determine what shots to give you, regardless if you have vaccine scars or not. It's not a problem if you no longer have your "baby book" or any vaccination record because, as I've said SLEC physicians will decide what shots to give you and the same goes for small children.
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