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    sjr09 reacted to Robert&Liliya in Shooting at Lone Star College in north Houston   
    If you want something to be messed up and cost more than it ever should get the government involved. I would have supported Obama's health care plan if he had first demonstrated that he could clean up the mess that is Medicare and save the taxpayers all the money in waste and fraud he said he would use to fund it. "Obama is not the only one" It's always "This time it will be different" with our government. It's never "let me show you that we can do it" and then we can vote what to do with the money after.
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    sjr09 reacted to Robert&Liliya in Shooting at Lone Star College in north Houston   
    So what is the point you are trying to make here? That gun control would have solved this issue? That we who believe that banning guns for law abiding citizens is not going to make a difference are wrong because 3 people were injured in Texas? But to say that this proves your point that “gun nuts” are proved wrong about anything is unfounded. 3 people injured in Texas where we have a high rate of gun ownership is a big contrast to 27 people killed at a “gun free zone”. I can’t say that concealed carry stopped this but the shooters didn't seem to hang around shooting for a prolonged period of time. 1 in custody and one on the run with reports of around 5 shots fired.
    This sounds like 2 idiots who would have gone after each other with any type of weapon. It happens. We don’t like it but we can’t keep blaming an object and not looking at the real reasons people do crazy things. Start with parents that are not raising their children. Look at a society that glorifies the thug life, being a gangster or having street cred because you have been to prison. We have “no child left behind” which holds back a large group of children that want to learn so we can teach down to the ones who refuse to be taught. Those children used to be called “Unskilled Labor” and if they got a good taste of that while growing up they might think that this education thing is not so bad. Children in other undeveloped countries go through crazy things just for the privilege of getting an education and we can’t get some children to show up for school. I don’t blame guns, movies, or games for where we are. I blame the fact that people don’t want to take personal responsibility for their own lives and for the lives of the children they bring into this world.
    Disclaimer 1 - “This is not all people but a very large group”
    Disclaimer 2 – “This is not limited by race or social economic class”
    Disclaimer 3 – “This is my opinion, I may be wrong”
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    sjr09 reacted to Robert&Liliya in Shooting at Lone Star College in north Houston   
    So the solution we get from the far left is to pass legislation that only affects law abiding citizens and will do nothing to stop what happened at Sandy Hook?
    They made high capacity clips illegal in New York and gave people a time limit to sell them out of state. That is reaching into law abiding citizens homes and taking things that they bought legally because the government says so. That’s a small step away from making guns illegal. People balk at big change but are less resistant to small changes over time that end up at the same result.
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    sjr09 reacted to Karee in Shooting at Lone Star College in north Houston   
    I guess it's easy to blame firearms. It's a quick, easy scapegoat.
    Kinda like blaming drug dealers for overdose deaths, which seems to be the latest fad in law enforcement. Here in Texas anyway. Or blamig the bartender that over-served someone before they went out on the highway and killed a family of 4.
    I have news for you. It's not the guns fault, it's not the drug dealers fault, and it's not the bartenders fault. We all really know who's fault it is. It's society as a whole. Fixing society is tough. Much tougher than banning firearms, or outlawing drugs and alcohol.
    As long as we can blame the guns, we wont have to blame ourselves. This country has turned in to one big finger-pointing festival.
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    sjr09 reacted to We Keep Receipts in The President liberals were waiting for is (finally) here   
    I'm voting for the wrong ticket then! Where's Mitt Romney when you need him
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    sjr09 reacted to I AM NOT THAT GUY in Obama screws up the oath of office   
    Shame on you and your colonial ways!
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    sjr09 reacted to I AM NOT THAT GUY in Obama screws up the oath of office   
    Yes, some people are so immature! Thank you for pointing that out.
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    sjr09 reacted to Wakey86 in Obama screws up the oath of office   
    Please tell me you meant this as a joke!!! People have the most ignorant views about Africa and I find it completely offensive!!!!
    We DO speak English. Actually, British English to be precise.
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    sjr09 reacted to I AM NOT THAT GUY in Armed guards at schools   
    Nixon was a huge liberal, but he was no commie. I wouldn't confuse the two, in Nixon's case.
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    sjr09 reacted to The Nature Boy in Solar Energy: 1% of total land mass could be used to generate 100% of energy needs by 2050   
    [quote name=' timestamp='1358455124' post='5927907]
    1% of total planetary land mass is actually 575,057 square miles. Alaska's landmass is 571,951 square miles.
    So as appealing as this finding sounds to the uninformed, what it's really saying is this: someone has to put aside - entirely dedicate - landmass equal to the entire state of Alaska (our largest state) ... to power the world.
    Who will do this? Where? The Sahara desert? Siberia? The American West? Which part of this world is underpopulated enough with enough solar energy to actually make this happen? And who will tell the few people living in these areas that they must move so "the world" can have solar energy?
    The political ramifications are huge.

    My evil greedy Republican entrepreneur owner, who built his business from the ground up, installed a solar field at out industrial location. It generated 68% of our electricity in the last year. It was in aafairly densly populated area right here in GA.. He did not patent the suns rays. Liberals are cute. Conservatives make things happen
    They invented power lines some 80+ years ago to move power from A to B. When they built Hoover damn they ran them all around that man made lake.
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    sjr09 reacted to one...two...tree in Solar Energy: 1% of total land mass could be used to generate 100% of energy needs by 2050   
    we could just use liberals for firewood...and illegals. that would free up even more land, and more jobs for real americans.
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    sjr09 reacted to The Nature Boy in Obama screws up the oath of office   
    No TelePrompter. Cut him some slack
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    sjr09 reacted to baron555 in Should all docs for K1 be printed on one side only   
    Print single sided.
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    sjr09 reacted to I AM NOT THAT GUY in Armed guards at schools   
    I thought those were Reagan Democrats?
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    sjr09 reacted to The Nature Boy in Armed guards at schools   
    Well everyone keeps pointing out what the NRA stood for in 1934, as some sort of baseline measurement. I just pointed out what the Democratic party stood for in 1934. I guess it's not relevant when it does not support your argument.
    P.S. I was not digging up old laws and things organizations use to stand for. That was you guys. I was just pointing out things change That's all
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    sjr09 reacted to Hilarious Clinton in Armed guards at schools   
    Really. Wow, that's a stretch.
    I wish my ethnic background was as pure as yours.
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    sjr09 got a reaction from rachid and patty in responding to fraudulent Vjers   
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    sjr09 got a reaction from caly in responding to fraudulent Vjers   
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    sjr09 reacted to destiny64 in responding to fraudulent Vjers   
    I don't usually get involved in others disputes or posts in this site. I come to get information to help me get my spouse into the country doing things the right way and without stupid errors that could make this transition longer. There is a new poster in this site, who has started a few very skeptical and obvious issues that would point towards someone who is asking far out questions to get answers to beat the immigration system. Working on using situations to pull heart strings to make people feel bad to help with ways to get around immigration and while you are using your best intentions, you are unintentionally helping that person to be fraudulent with immigration. I was banned from one of the posts for stating the obvious, I was called a troll and stupid, when I stated it was indeed the opposite I was the one removed ???
    I could sit back and just let that person repeating turn out "hot" posts without responding but while I'm in this process I can't overlook the fact that this process takes this long because of people like this who ruin it for the rest of us. Just please , please , please don't get sucked into this person like I myself did!!
    Let's pull together and if you go into the posts recently added by this vjer you will see that every advice is turned down in order to gather more information so that they can do things fraudulently. STOP helping!!!
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    sjr09 got a reaction from Brother Hesekiel in Does every CR-1 spouse under 25 have to sign up for a military draff??   
    It's called 'Selective Service System'
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    sjr09 reacted to The Nature Boy in Armed guards at schools   
    My point was obvious. A. He owned guns lawfully and did not hurt anyone
    B. you wanted to stop a potential gun crime so you called someone with a gun. You guys keep telling me that just causes more violence. I am confused
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    sjr09 reacted to The Nature Boy in Armed guards at schools   
    So it's ok if you fear for your life and you can afford a cop to protect you or the secret service. But us regular joes. Well too bad
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    sjr09 reacted to The Nature Boy in Armed guards at schools   
    If you think all cops are the good guys you need to wake up
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    sjr09 got a reaction from Darnell in I-864: Living Abroad -- catching up on backed taxes -- which forms?   
    No below that, not the google search
    Advanced Search
    link http://www.visajourney.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search
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    sjr09 reacted to Sarah Elle-Même in Looks like obama has screwed us all   
    Wow man if you're getting this frustrated this early on then you'll probably get an aneurysm by the time your fiancee goes for AOS.
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