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    NatPatBen reacted to dancehallquana in BOOM!!! Yardie Pardie ova here!! Positive vibez ONLY   
    oh..sorry to hear honey..
    girl i applied for an immigration job AGAIN.. but i jus noticed this one is in the fraud detection unit.. i dont wanna be no duppy informa driving around.. im too lazy.. i wanna sit at a desk i should have accepted the adjudication officer job YEARS ago.. oh well.....
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    NatPatBen reacted to JQ Smiley BOOM in BOOM!!! Yardie Pardie ova here!! Positive vibez ONLY   
    Wait a minute why you use my Government!! :bonk:
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    NatPatBen reacted to finesse in BOOM!!! Yardie Pardie ova here!! Positive vibez ONLY   
    mi right here! everybody here is good, just busy outta dis world. finally found an awesome nanny to watch the girls during the day which is making our lives a hellava lot easier. still have not got the pics off my camera from the trip to ja but here is one of the girls on the beach.
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    NatPatBen reacted to akiena_eudocia in first thing that you gona do with your wife when she here in the us   
    I'll be the one coming to the US and my fiance's mom asked me what I wanna do the first time I get to FL. I think she was thinking more on me wanting to go to Disney, Universal, or the beaches there, she got the funniest shock in her life when I told her "I wanna go to Walmart and buy junkfood! and we'll drive by McDonald's to buy Big Fries!" hahaha. Can't wait to eat those huge junkfood that they have there and get fat asap!nomnomnom
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    NatPatBen reacted to Richie Rich in first thing that you gona do with your wife when she here in the us   
    Take her home in a Jeepney or Tricycle from the airport --just kidding . Take a week off and take her to Disney World .
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    NatPatBen reacted to berry and bird in first thing that you gona do with your wife when she here in the us   
    Well.....hmmm the first thing I plan to do when he gets here is......I plan to be in jamaica so we can fly to the states together. I plan for us to check-in together at the airport, go through security together and board our plane to JFK together. When we get off the flight together, my family will be at the airport waiting for us. When we finally arrive home, unpacking his belongings, making room in the closet and dresser for his clothes. Once we've unpacked we will freshen up and go out on the town. I plan to take him to Manhattan for a mini tour, expose him to the New York life, which can be a culture shock to anyone. Once we get back to Queens, the kids will be in bed and that when the fun time begins. . There's so many things I want to expose him to, I know our dream of him being in the states will be sooner than later.
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    NatPatBen reacted to berry and bird in Yardies - How did you meet your SO?   
    My story is long and bittersweet. MY grandmother died on my birthday and I went to Jamaica with my mother and sister for the funeral. I havent visited Jamaica since 2001 and this was 2005, so the family was very happy to see us, considering the purpose of the visit. The night before the service my cousin took me to the Asylum a club in New Kingston. As we were walking to an area in the club where his friends were standing, my eyes met with this fine, tall man. My cousin introduced me to him. He was a friend of my cousin and knew my grandmother well. We talked the night away, and even though the music was loud, we didnt hear anything but our voices. We parted ways knowing that we would see each other the following day at the funeral. I forgot to mention that I was married with 2 children, ages 2 and 14. My husband and I were having serious marital issues and was unfortunately staying together solely for the kids.
    Back to better part of the story, Sean and I saw each other at the funeral. This time he was more handsome than the night before. He was clean shaved and had a suit on. We were talking outside the church before the service began and a transformer box exploded on the street. I was so frightened, I jumped into his arms. We both laugh about that to this day. I returned to the states, thinking I lost all communication with him. We didnt exchange numbers, and I just assumed it was just some flirting going on and time to get back to reality. One day while I was at work my cousin in Jamaica called me from a strange number. He told me he was using "sean's" phone. He asked if I wanted to say hi, we spoke and the rest is history. I went to Jamaica with the kids for a summer vacation. Sean and I hung out with out children the entire time, getting to know each other. I was in Jamaica for thanksgiving and February the following and 2-3 times a year after that. We got engaged on August 2, 2010 and was still waiting for my divorce (my husband refused to sign the divorce papers, even after I moved out the state with the kids and moved on with my life). I was officially divorced October 21, 2010 and filed our I-129F March, 2011. I know my story is long and detailed but this was a portion of what I submitted with my application. My answer to question 18 on the application was 5 pages. I had to detail 6 years of our love story.
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    NatPatBen got a reaction from MalaysianGirl in Question about the photo for 1-129F   
    If your fiance has a digital camera, you might could get the passport photos easier (and cheaper).
    Have someone take a picture against a white/off-white background.
    Upload it at http://www.portraitbooth.com/ (free!!!)
    Format it at the site to fit the US passport guidelines
    Save the image generated by the site (which gives you 6 passport pictures, 2x2, if printed on 4x6 photo paper).
    Have your fiance email you the image.
    Print the image at Walgreens for 19cents. You might even print 2 or 3 copies, to get 12 or 18 passport photos.
    This has saved us tons of money since we've needed so many passport photos during this journey.
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    NatPatBen got a reaction from justucia in Yardies a home and a farrin - Part 26!   
    Hi, Shaunsgal (whenver you're next on).
    MrsPalmer, I feel you. My preference is to be married for at least a year before having a child. I would also rather wait until we move from an apartment to a house, as I think that would be easier to do before having a baby. My husband, though, has no such desire to wait. He's wanted to get started on our 8 (make that 2) children since before "I do."
    Thanks to Justucia for the suggestion of donating extra items to a women's shelter. I found one not too far away & dropped off my first (of many) donations today!

    These items, valued at over $100, cost me less than $15 by "stacking" sales & coupons. The receptionist & I even had a conversation about "couponing" when she asked why I was donating.
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    NatPatBen reacted to Tosh Love in Yardies a home and a farrin - Part 26!   
    Happy Belated Birthday Nat!
    and Happy Birthday to all May Yardies!
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    NatPatBen reacted to dillon in Yardies a home and a farrin, Part 24!   
    Yes Irie...it is tough some days not to eat sweets, like today..haven't had any since February 16th which is Fat Tuesday. I will say I have lost some LBS!!!!!
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    NatPatBen reacted to MRStee in Yardies a home and a farrin, Part 24!   
    I got this right off the guides here on VJ... I really don't have any issues with my SS office. I usually never wait longer than 10 minutes to be seen and when we applied all I said to them is that my husband is from Jamaica and we are here to apply for a SS number for him. I never said well immigrations said xyz... sometimes less info is more.
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    NatPatBen reacted to dillon in Yardies a home and a farrin, Part 24!   
    You have to give up something that would be hard for you to give up. I have such a sweet tooth and not eating them is really hard. I don't really swear so that wouldn't be as much of a challenge for me. I explain it to my kids this way. Jesus sacraficed a lot for us...so I give up something that is hard for me to remind me what he had to go through. It is like a penance.
    This might explain it better:
    There are traditionally forty days in Lent which are marked by fasting, both from foods and festivities, and by other acts of penance. The three traditional practices to be taken up with renewed vigour during Lent are prayer (justice towards God), fasting (justice towards self), and almsgiving (justice towards neighbour). Today, some people give up a vice of theirs, add something that will bring them closer to God, and often give the time or money spent doing that to charitable purposes or organizations
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    NatPatBen reacted to MRStee in Yardies a home and a farrin, Part 24!   
    The Application Process:
    :: For K1 Visa Holders ::
    As a K-1 Visa Holder you are eligible to receive a SSN upon producing a valid I-94 (unexpired). Do
    not wait until you only have a few weeks left until your I-94 expires to file for a SSN. Many SSA
    offices will not allow you to file for a SSN if your I-94 is about to expire (generally 14 days prior
    to the expiration on your I-94). On the other hand, you should also not file for a SSN too soon either.
    You should wait 2 weeks after you arrived in the US before applying for a SSN. If you go too soon your
    record of arrival will not be in the SAVE-ASVI system yet, and it will require manual verification from the
    USCIS. As this will add weeks to the period it takes to process the SSN, it is advisable to attempt to wait the two weeks to be safe. If you have waited the 2 weeks and they tell you they can not verify you arrival record via the SAVE database, you may allow them to to process it (but remember the potential delay for manual verifications). You can ask if they will check the computer again for you in a few days or return personally to have them look again -- thus eliminating the manual verification. The manual verification will require the SSA office to file a G-845 with the USCIS.
    To apply for a SSN you will need to go to your local SSA office and bring the documents below. These
    documents are proof of your eligibility to file for a SSN:

    The SS-5 form you downloaded and filled out (they have some at the office if you forget).

    your Passport (with the K-1 Visa in it)

    your valid I-94

    another form of valid ID (as defined in the SS-5 instructions)

    You should also bring the document RM 00203.500 that you printed out
    Make sure to bring all the documents above because some offices have staff that are not aware
    that a K-1 Visa Holder is eligible to file for a SSN. A friendly reminder is a nice thing to have -- if not
    you could be turned away incorrectly.
    Once you have successfully applied for your SSN, the SSN card will come in the mail in about 2 weeks. You can check on the status of the SSN application and/or often get the SSN in advance by returning in person (try calling) to the SSA office. If you need your SSN before it arrives in the mail you may ask them for an SSA-7028, Notice to Third Party of Social Security Number Assignments, to be sent to your employer or other interested third party once a SSN has been assigned. Your card, when you receive it, will be marked with the words "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH INS AUTHORIZATION" indicating to an employer that you must also have an unexpired EAD to be eligible to work.
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    NatPatBen got a reaction from Cereza in AOS Filers: December 2009   
    We received a notification that the case was pending a week after they got the RFE.
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