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    A friend of mine introduced us by a phone call made by me to him in January 2006 while he was in Vancouver, British Columbia having dinner with the man who has now become my Greatest Love.

    Since that first brief discussion, we had been corresponding for over a year before we met in person for the first time on March 30, 2007. In early March 2007, he wrote me in an email saying that he was coming in Montreal, Quebec, to spend a week holiday at the end of that month. During our year of correspondence in which we developed a friendship, I discovered how much he was a special, extraordinary and amazing man. I was extremely interested of meeting him in person and it was at that time a unique opportunity. Montreal is 2 hours of my hometown Gatineau. I wrote back to him and asked him if we could me at the end of his week of holiday. He agreed.

    Friday morning, March 30, 2007, I drove in Montreal to meet with him in front of his friends, in Ile Bizard. We were extremely happy to meet for a first time after a year of correspondence. I parked my car his friend driveway and climbed next to him in his rental car. We spent the day together starting with a coffee in a little café where we talked for an hour and then we drove in to Montreal. He brought me to St. Joseph’s Oratory and to a wonderful butterfly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens upon a recommendation of another one of his friends. After that marvelous day, we went back to his friends house, had a glass of wine and went to dinner with them at Les Trois Petits Bouchons in downtown Montreal.

    There are no words strong enough to describe how I felt. He was and is everything that I have dreamed of in a man. Since then I have become his girlfriend and two months after our meeting, I introduced him officially to my family in May 2007. Since we met, he is coming every month for a stay. Friday February 9, we got engaged. We have decided to get married in California on August 15, 2009. I cannot wait for this day to happened, to share my life with him completely. I adore him and each day with him wherever we are is for me simply wonderful because of him. I am the most luckiest woman in the Universe.
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