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    nenooye got a reaction from K Jewels in New here and wanted to say Hi!   
    hi to you too! you are on the right site.
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    nenooye reacted to VanessaTony in EAD pointless to apply before green card?   
    I'm not sure whether you're referring to applying for the EAD prior to AOS or EAD WITH AOS.
    Filing for EAD before AOS IS pointless. it's only valid till the I-94 expires and by the time you get it there's barely any time left.
    Applying WITH AOS isn't pointless. I had my EAD at least a month before my GC. GC was taking 5 months for a while there and EAD only 2 so you were able to work for an extra 3 months.. plus, the fee is waived.
    File for AP and EAD with AOS. The fee is still the same. Have a look at the AOS thread in my signature, it should help. Congrats on starting!
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    nenooye got a reaction from Casprd in Future Mother - in -law visiting US?   
    nope..i had my mom came to my wedding from indonesia..she came with me on her visa tourist (b2) and me on fiance visa..my fiance at that time he wrote an invitation letter explaining the plan she will have in US, such as wedding (explain the wedding date) and camping and visit parents inlaw..just make sure she has something to proof that she will come back to her country for example letter of employment, house paperwork, mortgage, or any infestation she has...
    and my mom cannot speak english..only broken english..and thats not a big problem because people who work in embassy usually has to master local language..I made a conversation guideline for my mom, and we practice on interview too.. so she is not so nervous
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    nenooye got a reaction from VanessaTony in Next step after mattiage   
    Check this for step by step guide
    to apply Adjusment Status (AOS) and Employment Authorisation (EAD) and Advance Parole (AP) in same time
    1.Filing Fee, personal check, # , $ 1,070.00
    (I-485 fee $ 985.00 + Biometric fee $ 85.00) *(the fee is for 3 proccess in same time..if you dont do that in the same time it will be more expensive)
    2. Cover Page *(basicly explains what you have on the packet just like this list. this Cover Page is NOT REQUIRED but can helps you organized your document screening)
    3. G-1145
    4. I-485
    5. Passport (copy) w/ biographical page & Copy of K-1 Visa & POE entry stamp
    6. Copy of I-797, Approved NOA-2 for K-1 Visa
    7. Copy of I-94 *(this is white departure card that you get on POE)
    8. Copy of birth certificate w/translation into English
    9. Copy of Marriage Certificate
    10. G-325A w/ (2) Passport photos
    11. DS-3025 Vaccination Record, *(which somecase you dont have it because its on the brown envelope you gave to the POE but its okay if you dont have it) if you have the copy will be great
    12. Copy of Vaccination card
    13. I-864 Affidavit of Support w/3 years of tax returns, 2010, 2009 & 2008
    14. Petitioner employment letter
    15. Petitioner pay stub
    (for Employment or EAD)
    16. I-765 w/ (2) Passport photos
    17. G-1145 – Form for E-notification of Application/Petition Acceptance
    (for Advance Parole)
    18. I-131 - Application for Travel Document (Advanced Parole)
    19. 2 passport photos (US passport size)
    check this thread too
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    nenooye got a reaction from VanessaTony in A#   
    there is A# on your NOA2... check this out http://www.visajourney.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=4&pid=13#top_display_media
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    nenooye got a reaction from amykathleen2005 in Michael I am comminggggggggggggggg   
    fi fi fi fi finally!!!! after long months waiting, RFE and waiting again they put me on post decision what soever! yayyyyy now waiting for the noa on mail (waiting again) so he can send me the copy of all the petition papers and start to prepare stuff for the interview..ahhh tooo much waitinggg! and the best thing is it comes a day before my graduation day and graduation present from my fiancee yayyyy :dance: :dance: :dance:
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    nenooye got a reaction from B_J in Should Buy One way or Round Trip ticket?   
    either way the cheapest..if you have too much money you can buy ticket for me too
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    nenooye got a reaction from LemonMeringue in I called USCIS for the first time today   
    ohh yea you'r right..hehe.. yes he called them yesterday and today we got RFE..not know yet whats the RFE about..
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    nenooye reacted to Stefanni K in Jakarta Consulate How To?   
    Thanks for the comliment Utha
    the answers are :
    1. after get your noa2, fill the i-134 form and have it notarized, letter of employment, pay stubs, proof of your assets, proof of your savings in your Bank account, new letter intent to marry.
    2. u will get packet 3 through email , US embassy in Jakarta will email u about wht kind of docs your fiancee needs for her interview, forward this email to her and complete all docs quickly
    3. after u have completed all docs required, reply the embassy's email and asking for interview date, usually one week after u sent the packet 3
    4. after you guys get packet 3 from embassy, make appointment to the doctor directly for medical exam, this time u have to stay at hotel since the medical places are in jakarta.
    suggestions :
    email the embassy 3 days before u get the medical exam result, so u will not wait too long for interview date
    if still have questions, just ask me and i will answer your questions from my experience asap
    GOOD LUCK !!!
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    nenooye reacted to Bintang in K1 Requirement   
    QUOTE (DavidandJenny @ Nov 7 2008, 12:40 AM) QUOTE (Benika @ Oct 15 2008, 01:52 AM) QUOTE (Bintang @ Oct 15 2008, 02:59 PM) Hi everyone!
    One of the requirements for the K1Visa interview is Police Certificate, from places lived since age 16. Benficiary has lived in couples different cities in Indonesia and studied in Australia. Does she have to get all the Police Certs from those different cities and from Australia as well?
    If anyone knows or have the same issue please advise.
    Thanks so much.
    Police certificates are generally required for the country not the city. However I dont this it is possible to get a police certificate for Indonesia. (see http://www.***removed***/immigration/police-certificates.html ) You might want to phone the embassy about this.
    If she lived in Australia for longer than 6 months (some places say 6 months, some a year ... I think better safe than sorry) she will need a police certificate for Australia.
    Better safe than sorry..... no one knows exactly what will be asked for in an interview.
    correct!will be arranged in time.thanks.
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