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    July 2007--We met in Essaouirra both strolling down the same street, both on summer holiday, in the medina on a sunny, windy day and spent the whole afternoon chatting about everything.
    July 2007--I returned to the U.S. and emailed him just to say hi. We kept in touch prolifically and constantly after that--emails, chats for hours on end, etc.--developing a close friendship and eventually a deep connection.
    January 2008--We decided to plan a visit over the summer.
    July 1, 2008--I arrived back in Morocco for the 2nd time.
    July 26, 2008--Imad officially proposed, it being a little after a year since we first met.
    August 1, 2008--I left Morocco =(.
    October 20, 2008--I filed our I-129F
    October 23, 2008--NOA1
    March 8, 2009--I arrived back in Morocco for a 3rd visit over Spring Break.
    March 11, 2009--NOA2
    March 17, 2009--I left Morocco =(.
    March 27, 2009--Imad received his interview packet.
    April 29, 2009--Imad had his interview in Casablanca. It was short but sweet. He got an AP paper.
    May 7, 2009--Imad received the call from Casa to bring his passport to the Consulate.
    May 11, 2009--He dropped off his passport.
    May 12, 2009--Jackpot! He got his visa! Yippee!!
    May 24, 2009--Bought a plane ticket
    August 8, 2009--Imad's arrival date
    August 15, 2009--Wedding date
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