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  1. It was Capitalism that destroyed a lit of people's lives in 2008. A balance needs to be struck between Capitalism and Socialism.
  2. Between the hours of 2pm and 8pm it's decent but as soon as it hits 8pm it's conspiracy theories galore. Like watching Alex Jones really
  3. Working great in USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and Japan.
  4. And? In some ways it doesn't surprise me, you get some quality journalism on there such as Shephard, Baier and Wallace but my God when it gets to 8pm it's like you entered the White House, Crazy Town with the ramblings of Carlson, Hannity and Ingram.
  5. Just watch Fox News after 8pm, my goodness you'll get plenty of lying there!
  6. I agree with Maher, there is Socialism everywhere in the United States. The Military is the biggest socialist program in the world! That is why it always amuses me when I hear Americans particularly those on the right think Socialism is some terrible thing.
  7. A step in the right direction, good on him. Though he still thinks Asbestos should be used in buildings.
  8. Mad with joy, watching Trump squirm in the White House everyday. He knows he is on borrowed time.
  9. Hey you should've posted 4000+ copies of that picture, after everyone of Mussolini's lies!
  10. I didn't run for President. It's normal practice for Presidential candidates to release their tax returns. I think after Trump a law should be passed for anyone running for President to release their returns to show they aren't compromised by a foreign entity.
  11. The biggest waste of tax payers money ever.... * drum roll*
  12. Thank you I appreciate it I'm just loving this Mueller Investigation because its driving him and his supporters crazy.
  13. If that's the case then why doesn't he release them? Unless he has something to hide.
  14. It is very clear when our own President takes the word of Vladimir Putin over his own country. Totally agree which is why Trump is screwed.